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BUST Magazine March 2015: Fashion Nation

Brit + Co: 10 Body Positive Blogs to Inspire Some Serious #SelfLove "Take one look at Kristina’s blog, and you’ll instantly fall in love with her colorful, vintage-inspired wardrobe."
"Is she really a twenty-first century blogger, or did she beam here straight from the ’60s? Only Kristina knows for sure. But if you’re looking for vintage inspiration (including the perfect eyeliner flick), you should probably check out her blog.”

"You are likely already familiar with Kristina from her work with BUST and xoJane, or perhaps her super adorable blog, Twee Valley High. I ran into Kristina at the ModCloth event after having been a fan of her writing for some time, and we instantly became pals. Not only does she look like a piece of candy, but she’s just as sweet, too! I love the concept of vintage as wearing a piece of history, and I wanted to get a behind-the-scenes look at vintage style from devotee’s perspective, so naturally Kristina was #1 on my list." 

Kristina Uriegas-Reyes makes you instantly nostalgic for retro fashion, sporting pillbox hats, silk scarves and vintage prints that you’ll covet at first sight. She fully commits to the look with her hair and makeup, mastering cat eyes, braided crowns and the perfect red lip (and she has plenty of beauty tutorials on xoJane for you to learn yourself.)

"We think Uriegas-Reyes is about to become our hair goddess of greatness: Girlfriend knows her way around a curling iron, and she has us wondering if the ’60s flip will become this summer’s new beach waves."

Refinery 29: 6 Plus-Size Bloggers Address Anti-Chafing

PopSugar: 1920s Hair and Makeup

"Kristina Uriegas-Reyes is a New York-based fashion blogger who runs the popular site TweeValleyHigh. We asked her for her advice to people interested in fashion writing, how she got her start, and about her sense of style."

Worn Fashion Journal “Crushing On Kristina Uriegas-Reyes”
"Kristina is one of my favorite people on the internet. She is always up to something interesting. Whether it’s capturing the style of Austin and New York City over at her street style blog, chronicling her own daily outfits, or contributing to Bust Magazine, her optimistic approach to fashion will make you want to play dress up."
"Kristina (and her equally adorable mom) celebrate snow in NYC — and hearts on sleeves lapels."

"We have all read and loved her posts here on the BUST blog, as well as her keen eye for fashionable detail. We have probably even spent more than what is considered a healthy amount of time on her fashion blog, the Rebel Waltz, as she captures street styles from places like New York City, Austin, and San Francisco. But, we aren’t the only ones who are taking notice."

"Kristina’s hat killed me a little, but then her necklace was glasses and her bag scarf had horses on it and then I died completely and this is actually my ghost writing this post, right now."

"The ladies below exemplify how saddle shoes can be worn awesomely with a variety of outfits."

Quoted a BUST article written by Kristina

"This is what a feminist looks like."

"I like going to blogs like this (from all around the world) because they give me inspiration for outfits. If you do, too, I’d liken her blog to that of Hel-looks, Facehunter or Glamcanyon."

"Over at Bust Magazine, Kristina Uriegas-Reyes made an excellent point that it would be a great step to see an integration between the plus-sized models and the industry-standard models. This, perhaps, would lead to a healthier ideal for the fashion industry that Uriegas-Reyes hopes for."

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