Classic Boater Hat!

This gorgeous hat was gifted to me by Tenth Street Hats. They gave me pick of their website and I went with this classic boater hat. I really like that this company is about quality and fit with an attainable price. This hat is seriously perfect for summer weather. It's light, but sturdy and still has that vintage vibe I crave. 

Impromptu Trip to Dallas!

One of my colorful customers (turned friend!) at Hello Tallulah whisked me away for a weekend adventure in Dallas. She loves to Instagram (@stylishlycolorful) and find the most interesting backdrops for photo adventures. 

The first place we went was this colorful wall in a hip area of Dallas, then we checked out Candytopia, which is like a candy theme park of sorts. It was pretty magical! The next day, we checked out Snap151, which was a fantastic photo studio with cute walls and a great setup. 

Posted here are just a few of my favorite photos from our adventure. Follow my personal Instagram (@tweevalleyhigh) for a glimpse at the other backdrops! 

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What I Wore:
Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing
Hat: Vintage