My Dream Come True

I meant to do a New Years post, but time keeps moving! Since moving back home to San Antonio and leaving Brooklyn behind, my life has been a rollercoaster. I moved cross-country to live at home and potentially follow my dream.

Becoming a writer in NYC was one dream, a dream I adored and took very seriously. There’s nothing like seeing your name in a major magazine, getting invited to Fashion Week or being asked to do a piece for NPR. I love writing and always will. I accomplished some things I’m really proud of. Along the way though, I lost the passion for that writer hustle. I fantasized about that other dream, the dream in the back of my head that I thought impossible. I dreamed of owning my own vintage shop. The more I researched about business, the more it seemed gradually within my grasp. I couldn’t do it in NYC though. Besides my lack of support, the city is expensive and already filled with a variety of unique boutiques. 

Before I left, I took a 6-week course for women entrepreneurs. That was fun and super beneficial, but I knew Texas would be different. Once I got to San Antonio, I was a little lost. I reluctantly applied to to job after job, but nothing felt right. I started taking workshops from the Small Business Development Center at UTSA. They paired me with an advisor (shout out to Crystal!) and I learned, little by little, what it takes to start a business in San Antonio. 

Serediptizously, Jacob, owner of Deco Pizzeria let my mom know of an open space next to the Woodlawn Theatre. He helped me network my way into the space. It was a rough looking former salon with pipes sticking out and holes in the ceiling, but my family helped me whip it into shape. My vision became a reality. The whimsical pastel colors and retro accents were everything I imagined. 

My journey was very organic as I took steps throughout the year. I started building a name for myself through pop-ups, while taking the time to concentrate on how to become a brick and mortar business. I’m now here at the 3-month mark of being in business at this location. Every month is different and exciting. The store is a complete extension of me and my style, which thankfully has been embraced. It is a very personal business that has been met with enthusiasm. Do210 and StyleLush have written up the store; and I recently had a full segment on SA Live. I’m so grateful to everyone who has stopped by the store, bought something or shared on social media.

I’m always experimenting with events and ideas. I just added retro makeup to the store! This past year was the major change I needed. I’m so much happier and have even learned to drive! San Antonio is incredibly dynamic and filled with artistic, inspiring individuals. I’m happy to be here, exploring the city I took for granted. The excitement and enthusiasm is genuine as the city grows and grows. I look forward to my first year in business and what 2018 will bring. 

If you’re ever in San Antonio, Tx, definitely stop by the shop! xoxo