Beloved Beauty Products by Apoterra Skincare

This brand has been on my radar for a while. I sing their praises every chance I get, especially to those looking for natural skincare options. It's the company mission to provide "high quality, safe, healthy and affordable skincare products." Sounds good to me. Through their site, you can even see who made your product, when, and from where the ingredients were sourced.  

I've officially incorporated the toner and night cream into my routine. The products listed are the ones I was gifted and absolutely loved. I met with the founders and admired how immensely passionate they are about creating this line. 

The toner smells great and the bottle lasted much longer than anticipated. Head to the site for details on what it's made of and how it makes skin so glow-y. I've come to find that almost anything with rose properties is fantastic for the skin!

I love-love-loved this night cream, or balm technically. It glides on smooth and feels super moisturizing. It leaves a yellow tint, but soaks right into your skin. It's the perfect night moisturizer that feels thick and luxurious without clogging your pores. I woke up to soft, even skin that glows all day.

Last, we have the exfoliating mask. It smells heavenly, a bit like Mexican candy, which I know is a super bizarre description. It's a spicy sweet smell I can't get enough of. It's sort of difficult to spread, but in a weirdly fun, play-dough way. Once spread, it looks like that "vampire facial" a la Kim Kardashian

I've been browsing their site since I received their products. Next on my list to try is their Herbal Detoxifying Steam. It's almost too pretty to use! 

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