A Moment of Dreamy Designer Shoes

Twee Valley High // Designer Shoes

Neiman Marcus brings to mind wonderful, shoe-rrifc memories. I associate it with graduation and growing up. One day, pre-ceremony, my mom took me to this famous department store, full of designer goodies. It felt like a momentous occasion. I glimpsed the glamorous shoes that lay in each lovely corner. As a fan of fashion, it made me to happy to sit among the bright, high-end accessories. That day, we were on a fabulous mission. She wanted me to own Chanel flats, the kind that go with everything. We left with beautiful ballerina slippers and a pair of glittery Guccis on sale. They were a gift, nay a symbol, for newfound adulthood. The extravagance and glamour of the shoes brought me to tears as my mom handed me this gift. There are bloggers who own designer everything, but it may seem silly, as a thrifter and dealmaker, being handed a beautiful designer item meant the world to me, especially at that age.

Although Chanel doesn't sell online, I gathered my current favorite shoes on the Neiman's website.

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