New Glasses Put a Skip in My Step!

GlassesShop.com sent me a lovely pair of pink glasses. They suit me quite well and I've grown very fond of them. They literally match my hair AND my lipstick. What's not to love? I frequently get told I remind folks of Penelope from Criminal Minds. Turns out we have similar taste in eyewear...this is literally a still from the show.
 Here I am being goofy and hanging with my friend Dakota. 

These are another great pair from the site. The sunglasses comes in a variety of colors! GlassesShop.com has tons of frames and I was excited to find retro styles. Here's a coupon code (GSHOT50) for 50% off eyeglasses and sunglasses.
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Glasses & Frames: GlassesShop.com
Dress: Gwynnie Bee

Hello and Halloween

Hello Hello! I have a million half-posts in my queue, but we're moving into holiday mode. I had a splendid Halloween and I want to share the fun photos! 

Life update: While, I'm a fabulous writer/blogger extraordinaire, I'm also a fabulous Trader Joe's employee. Retail is not my end goal, but the community there is wonderful. I've learned more about working as a team than I have at any other job. Plus I've become a total TJs junkie. The food is ridiculously good. Anyhow, they're all about holidays, which I love. We got to dress up for Halloween and I chose Eleven from Stranger Things. Have you seen that show yet? It's great! It's like The Goonies meets ET with amazing music.  While I was working on Halloween, I spotted this mini me dressed in the same costume. How perfect is this photo?! 

The weekend before that, I headed to the Halloween Dog Parade, which as you can imagine, was a total dream. I dressed as Eleven in a dress from Pinup Girl Clothing and I DIYed an Eggo costume for Talullah. She was thrilled obviously. haha

I met many others in Stranger Things garb, including the couple above and Egar the Mighty, who was also dressed as Eleven. Such cuteness! 


Here are a few favorites. I was in doggie heaven!

I'll have to do a proper post for this Pinup Girl dress. It's super adorable and I will definitely be wearing it post-Halloween. This is my favorite season! 

Halloween weekend, I purchased my first corset. Not sure how practical it'll be, but I'm hoping it helps my posture and such. I paired it with my Sunnydale tee and a witchy chapeau. Hope you had a wonderful Halloween. Plz post costume pictures in the comments!!! (if I still have any readers lol).

New Brit + Co Article!!!

Brit and Co: We Made a Pants Hater Wear Pants

Summer Calls For Strawberry Hair!!!

If you follow me on social media, you know I’ve gone from brunette to bright pink! This was due to NYC salon, Fox & Jane. The owner, Lorean Cairns, invited me to experience the salon and, little did I know, it would basically change my life. 

First of all, I went in expecting to get a bang trim, but casually mentioned pink hair. Lorean was totally game. Not only that, but I found that she and the salon actually specialize in beautiful unicorn hair

Lorean is the kind of person who is a legit inspiration. I want to circle back and interview her sometime. She’s a relatable #girlboss who owns several salons, yet one-on-one, feels like your soon-to-be bestie. That’s probably a sign of the perfect hairdresser. We gossiped about dating in NYC and the nuances of colorful hair. 

She listened to my ideas and gave input, all while spoiling me with wine and delicious lattes. Her colleagues were also super friendly and sweet. Experience alone, I felt like a pampered princess. It might be my favorite blogger perk ever. 

Now let’s get to the hair...Lorean suggested a style with my roots on display so the dye can easily grow into ombre. I don’t have the patience to keep up with bleached roots! The color came out gooooorgeous and multi-dimentional. She even added bits of purple. I left the salon feeling like coolest person on earth. I always wanted pink hair and this salon gave me the nudge I needed. 

This is not a sponsored post, just a high recommendation of a salon and it’s cool cool owner. You can follow Lorean's personal Instagram for some fabulous hairspiration.

Since then, I've re-dyed my hair several times using Manic Panic Amplified. Below is how bright it came out right after dyeing. I miss the bits of purple, but I love that once it's bleached, I can easily add color of my own. 

Beloved Beauty Products by Apoterra Skincare

This brand has been on my radar for a while. I sing their praises every chance I get, especially to those looking for natural skincare options. It's the company mission to provide "high quality, safe, healthy and affordable skincare products." Sounds good to me. Through their site, you can even see who made your product, when, and from where the ingredients were sourced.  

I've officially incorporated the toner and night cream into my routine. The products listed are the ones I was gifted and absolutely loved. I met with the founders and admired how immensely passionate they are about creating this line. 

The toner smells great and the bottle lasted much longer than anticipated. Head to the site for details on what it's made of and how it makes skin so glow-y. I've come to find that almost anything with rose properties is fantastic for the skin!

I love-love-loved this night cream, or balm technically. It glides on smooth and feels super moisturizing. It leaves a yellow tint, but soaks right into your skin. It's the perfect night moisturizer that feels thick and luxurious without clogging your pores. I woke up to soft, even skin that glows all day.

Last, we have the exfoliating mask. It smells heavenly, a bit like Mexican candy, which I know is a super bizarre description. It's a spicy sweet smell I can't get enough of. It's sort of difficult to spread, but in a weirdly fun, play-dough way. Once spread, it looks like that "vampire facial" a la Kim Kardashian

I've been browsing their site since I received their products. Next on my list to try is their Herbal Detoxifying Steam. It's almost too pretty to use! 

February Giveaway From Booty and the Geek!

Twee Valley High // Booty and the Geek
I recently did some modeling for Booty and the Geek! Check out these pics of me rocking the ice cream shorts. I decided to do a lil giveaway for this awesome brand. You can put this win towards your own pair of food fabric shorts. These two below are also a few favorites. Explore the site and see what you find!

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Twee Valley High // Booty and the Geek

Donate to Tallulah's Medical Fund

Tallulah has been going through a trying time medically. Get the full story here. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love this little fur-baby more than I ever thought possible. 

A Moment of Dreamy Designer Shoes

Twee Valley High // Designer Shoes

Neiman Marcus brings to mind wonderful, shoe-rrifc memories. I associate it with graduation and growing up. One day, pre-ceremony, my mom took me to this famous department store, full of designer goodies. It felt like a momentous occasion. I glimpsed the glamorous shoes that lay in each lovely corner. As a fan of fashion, it made me to happy to sit among the bright, high-end accessories. That day, we were on a fabulous mission. She wanted me to own Chanel flats, the kind that go with everything. We left with beautiful ballerina slippers and a pair of glittery Guccis on sale. They were a gift, nay a symbol, for newfound adulthood. The extravagance and glamour of the shoes brought me to tears as my mom handed me this gift. There are bloggers who own designer everything, but it may seem silly, as a thrifter and dealmaker, being handed a beautiful designer item meant the world to me, especially at that age.

Although Chanel doesn't sell online, I gathered my current favorite shoes on the Neiman's website.

                                                                                        This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

Getting My Groove Back

Twee Valley High // Voodoo Vixen // pin up silhouette
This year had some ups and downs. The job search was tough, but I also traveled with mom and spent holidays with family. Right now, I'm dealing with a mysterious medical situation involving Tallulah. It's crazy stressful, but getting better day by day. Keep your fingers crossed!

Due to stress and holiday treats, I definitely put on weight. It doesn't feel great to grow out of my fabulous dresses. Voodoo Vixen sent me this look and, although it's currently snug, the silhouette made me feel sexy at a time I needed it most. I usually go for A-line silhouettes, but this dress made me feel good about my curves at any size.

I'm really excited for the new year and planning new projects! I hope to get more involved online and "get my groove back" in a number of ways. 

Twee Valley High // Voodoo Vixen // pin up silhouette
Twee Valley High // Voodoo Vixen // pin up silhouette
Twee Valley High // Voodoo Vixen // pin up silhouette
Twee Valley High // Voodoo Vixen // pin up silhouette
Twee Valley High // Voodoo Vixen // pin up silhouette
Twee Valley High // Voodoo Vixen // pin up silhouette
Twee Valley High // Voodoo Vixen // pin up silhouette
Twee Valley High // Voodoo Vixen // pin up silhouette
What I Wore
Dress: c/o Voodoo Vixen
Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo 

Photos by Jason Hood