Kristina's New Resume!

Twee Valley High-Kristina Uriegas-Reyes Resume
I'm super excited to share my brand new resume redesigned by Colleen Star Koch and Yakob Dedi! They did an outstanding job using my website's brand to create a beautiful, new look that represents me and my experience. You can contact Colleen at Rowancoaching.com to hear about her affirming life-coach techniques.  I have some current projects in the works, but if you hear of any NYC jobs that fit my experience, feel free to let me know!

My 28th Birthday

Twee Valley High Birthday
I have one of those holiday birthdays that occasionally lands on Thanksgiving. This year, it fell the day after. My mom and grandma took the time to come from Texas to NYC. I threw a small gathering early in the month, which involved massive amounts of doughnuts. I celebrated the week of with fancy food and family time. It was a blissful birthday month! Here are some Instagram snaps from the festivities. Hard to believe I'm twenty-eight years old..time is flying by in NYC!