Beauty Reviews: Crazy Masks, Blemish Busters and More!

Disney Brushes and Makeup Bags (Most are available at Walgreens)

I'm all for fairy tale makeup and colorful flair. It was a whimsical surprise to receive a box of goodies with a Disney theme. Beauty and the Beast was my favorite film as a kid (book worm alert!) and, as an adult, Aladdin is my Disney pick. I don't own any brushes so I'm a little overwhelmed at the options, but excited to try them out. I used the larger Ariel brushes for my daytime look at the Jazz Lawn Party (photos coming soon!). It helped create a silvery smokey eye and add shimmer to my cheeks. I also really liked the eyebrow brush in the purple Jasmine set.

This mask was thick and somewhat messy. It's the kind of mask you need a moment to relax in, not to run around doing things. I expected it to smell fruity for some reason, but it was neutral which I appreciate. What annoyed me is that the "stuff" was slightly watery and hard to keep on my skin. Overall, the scary selfies were worth it. It was weirdly fun to use and my skin definitely looked better in a lot of ways, pores and all.

I liked that this too was fragrance free. I'm not picky or sensitive about fragrance, but neutral is always a safe bet. This is a white sunscreen per usual, but it blends easily and makeup smooths over it. The only issue I had was that it is definitely not water-proof. It doesn't claim to be, but after going to the ocean, getting splashed with water resulted in weird pools of white gunk settling in my neck creases (sexy stuff!). Generally, I like it for everyday use. It's light and a high SPF for NYC summers, but definitely not beach-worthy. 

Honestly, I'm not sure how this came into my possession, maybe a gift bag, maybe a PR person, but either way, I'm sold. I've heard many good (and bad) things about Michelle Phan, but I'm not an avid-Youtub-er so I don't follow her much. It doesn't surprise me that she has some sort of makeup line or collaboration. It promises "dramatic volume" and pretty much delivers. I've been using it regularly and notice a substantial difference in length.

Face Cream: Una Lux Face Cream

I have a feeling rosehip oil is magic. After using this cream, my skin looks visible better after two nights. It contains other fancy ingredients as well. You can use it as a day cream, but I only did so if my skin felt especially dry. It makes a wonderful night cream and lasts a decent length. At $25, the cream feels luxurious but doesn't break the bank, which is important to a frugal gal like me!

Blemish Remover: Una Blemish Buster

I bought two items from this brand at the BUST Craftacular. I figured the cream would be great, but I took a chance on the blemish remover. I heard tea tree oil was great for getting rid of zits and, turns out, I heard right! Usually I wait for creams or oils to dry before applying the stuff, but, one day, I got lazy, washed my face and threw this on a enormous burgeoning zit (a real monster!). The next morning, it was gone. Forget Neutrogena, I'm officially convinced of the power in oils.

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