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Twee Valley High Instagram // BUST magazine

The photos date back a few months, but these are some of my favorites. These two are from a photo shoot I had with BUST for this month's issue. I'll post a few outtakes from that day sometime soon! The rest are from a variety of times and places. Lots of good hair days, terrible weather and adorable Tallulah.

Twee Valley High Instagram
I don't think I shared these last two on the blog! I went to a screening and Q&A for Jason Schwartzman's new film, Listen Up Philip. The film was great and the best part was that he introduced a Rushmore screening right after. Actually, no the best part was when he recognized me after about 10 years. Insanity! I met him when I was 17 and gave him a mix CD at a Shopgirl premiere in Texas. I was such a smitten weirdo.

Twee Valley High Instagram // Jason Schwartzman


  1. That is so cool! Good on him big time for remembering you - but then, really, how could anyone forget someone as sweet and lovely as you, dear gal?

    ♥ Jessica