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Twee Valley High's Links I Love // Valentine's Day

Yay Links I Love is back! Hope you enjoy this week's links. 

Gotta love some old-fashioned street style..like seriously old-fashioned!

The amazing Jessica of Chronically Vintage brought this list to my attention: 100 + Years of College Girl Fashion. It's fascinating stuff!

Twee Valley High's Links I Love

Style Inspo: Maisie Williams in Ryan Jude Novelline

"The dress is composed out of images from Marvel's X-Men, Neil Gaiman's Sandman, and Takeuchi Naoko's "Sailor Moon," and topped off a decoupaged leather belt made from pages of the Game of Thrones novels, and loads of fringe."

Twee Valley High's Links I Love // Game of Thrones

Old-School Esquire Magazine Cover Boys. Hubba hubba, Rowr!

Twee Valley High's Links I Love // French New Wave

This is the best DIY I've seen in a while!

"More is More and Less is a Bore." -These ladies of Advanced Style

Twee Valley High's Links I Love // Advanced Style

I make no apologies for how much I love her street style.

We all need to know! How in the world does Zooey Deschanel have such fluffy hair?!

Twee Valley High's Links I Love // New Girl

Have you tried any of these?!

She also has a great article on 10 vintage blogger makeup must-haves.

I found some interesting articles on this site Mind Body Green. I'm always up for reading how to make life more positive.

I believe this so much and, while I love the internet, it can be the cause of definite anxiety.

Know what? Yes.

I just finished watching all 10 seasons of Friends and I don't know what's next...

Twee Valley High's Links I Love // Friends

Aww this Buffy reunion makes me happy.

Twee Valley High's Links I Love // Buffy reunion

Speaking of fandoms, I love this article with Hannibal's Bryan Fuller. I miss Pushing Daisies, but am obsessed with Hannibal. It's super creepy, yet whimsical and artistic.

Bryan Fuller on Hannibal, Fannibals, and Finally Having a Show Last More Than 2 Seasons

Also, Meet the Chef Who Makes "Hannibal Cannibal Cuisine" Look So Delicious

This is the year I realized I don't want children, but I want a home.

I really admire this experiment to talk to more strangers.

The cutest dog houses I have ever seen in my life.

Twee Valley High's Links I Love

Twee Valley High's Links I Love

The Nutella Taste Test: We Tried Every Chocolate-Hazelnut Spread and Ranked Them

This article speaks to me so much.

Let's be honest, this is helpful any time of the year.

How to outsource your life (if you have lots of $$ or are in crisis)

Look out for a Galentine's post next week. In the meantime, here are a few awesome articles about Parks and Recreation.


  1. I absolutely love the links that you love. ^__^

  2. Seriously awesome Link Love post, dear gal. I know what I'm going to be reading in my spare time now this week (all the posts and articles here that are new to me :)). I wholeheartedly appreciate that included one of Chronically Vintage's posts here. Thank you very much for doing so, honey.

    Have a fabulous week and Valentine's Day!
    ♥ Jessica