The Stages of Grief As I Watched Parks and Recreation's Series Finale

"I'm ready, let's watch this!"

"Aww this is fun...hi Ann! It's Ann!!!"

"Let's be dignified about this..."

"Here's to a show that made me laugh more times than I can count. Goodbye Pawnee, you will be missed."

"Hold me."

A Snowy Day in Brooklyn

Weather is crazy in NYC. Temperatures are lower than ever, yet here I am, a crazy person staging a snowy photo shoot. Despite the cold, I'm really happy with these photos. It was gorgeous on my roof and the snow, untouched, kept falling in such a whimsical fashion. 

These dresses come courtesy of Unique Vintage. I'm especially in love with the polka dot dress, which I wore to a fashion week show. I was wary of cap sleeves and possible waist pleats, but turns out the dress is super flattering and surprisingly floaty. It made me want to spin about, which you can see from the photos below. It's also really comfortable, which is fairly important to me. 

The hat is one of my favorite things I own. Jason gave it to me when we first started dating. I mentioned in passing that I always wanted one and he set out to find the best leopard pill-box. It was a darling surprise that I have yet to forget. It's also the perfect statement piece and wonderful in winter weather. 

My second look has adorable hearts all over. I'm not a huge fan of the stretchy fabric, but the print more than makes up for it, plus the front has some flattering ruching. It's great for the winter season when I can pair a dress with a cardigan and tights.

This is my second entry as part of the Unique Vintage Style Society. I'm still honored they asked and I'm glad to be part of such a positive campaign. Some of my favorite bloggers have also partnered with UV, like Chronically Vintage and The Soubrette Brunette. Definitely check out their posts and follow the #iamunique hashtag on Instagram. 

What I Wore
Hat: Vintage
Tights: HUE via Macy's
Bangle: Salvation Army
Coat: Vintage via Goodwill
Coat Broach: Modern Girl Blitz
Heart Broach: Handmade by me
Shoes: Rachel Antonoff for BASS 
Purse: Erin Fetherston for Target
Polka dot dress: c/o Unique Vintage
Heart dress: c/o Unique Vintage

This post has been sponsored. All opinions are my own.

Links I Love

Today's Links I Love starts with the cutest Instagram I have ever seen in my life.

Next on my list comes courtesy of Jimmy Fallon. As a kid,  my favorite shows were Saved by the Bell and I Dream of Jeannie. That's why this weird reunion makes me pretty happy.

Need help with treats? Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Treat Recipes

These Insanely Easy Nutella Desserts Will Make Everyone Love You

Super Cute: A Peek Inside Sweet Bake Shop

20 of the Best Recipes For Sweet and Savoury Pancakes 

God, I just love pancakes..these sound DELICIOUS.

Reminds me of Texas: Pecan Sticky Buns

Taylor Swift & The Problem With Female Friendships In The Media

Women and Stress: 6 Foods That Calm Panic

Graphic Novel Soppy by Philippa Rice

Old-Fashioned Balloon Party

How Lupita Nyong'o's Stylist Gets Inspired and Stays on Top of Trends

This woman is genius when it comes to fashion.

The people who are STILL living like it's 1951: Captivating portraits take a look inside America's Rockabilly community

10 Real-Life Female Spies Who Deserve Their Own Movie Franchises

This is such an amazing list. It reminds me of my mom who was actually asked to join the CIA, but turned it down because she would've been away from me. She since retired from the military, but she's pretty badass and has some amazing stories.

Speaking of awesome women...10 Times Reporters Asked Female Celebrities The Wrong Damn Question

I LOVE this post. Here here to all the celebs calling out stupid questions. 

5 Pink Victorians to Fall in Love With This Valentine's Day

Can I have one plzzzz?

19 Ways to Celebrate Friendship on Galentine’s Day

Mine was cool and all, but I love this list from Etsy! Lisa Butterworth, who I know from BUST back in the day, created it! Lisa gave me my first chance to write for the magazine. 

36 Incredibly Creepy Vintage Valentines To Horrify The One You Love

Ikea Alternatives (Like this gorgeous couch)

21 Facts About Dogs That Will Blow Your Mind

This Ballet Routine Set To Hozier’s “Take Me To Church” Is So Beautiful It Hurts

I kind of love this song in all its cheesiness. It's so repretative, it gets stuck in your head forever. This dance is amazing and beautiful and pretty darn sexy. 

What have Matt and Kim been up to? Being adorable in from of the Brooklyn Bridge. 

What about Mates of State? They Filled Out a Wedding DJ's Questionnaire For Valentine's Day.

A Galentine's Day Gift Guide

Galentine's Day

Happy Galentine's Day! 

I've always loved Valentine's Day, even before I was in a relationship. It combines my favorite colors (and shapes) with treats and decorations. What's not to love? As excited as I am to celebrate with dear Jason, another holiday I admire comes the day before...

Galentine's Day

Galentine's Day
It's a holiday that...

Galentine's Day

A creation of Parks and Recreation, this holiday is about celebrating your gal pals. I've come to the conclusion that there are three reasons for a post like this. 

1. I'm lucky enough to have some amazing lady friends in NYC and Texas. I admire each one of them immensely. They are smart, funny women, not to mention super stylish to boot. Shout-out to Jenn who is the Ann Perkins to my Leslie Knope. Many a time has my enthusiasm and love of holidays probably scared her. 

Galentine's Day

2. Parks and Rec is my second favorite show of all time (Buffy is still #1!) and it makes me so sad that the series is ending. The holiday goes beyond the show, but it's timely to celebrate while it's still here!

3. It's so dreary in NYC right now. Melting snow and windy weather is so not fun. Colorful outfits and fancy gift guides is just what  we need. This is what I'm wearing to celebrate!

I hope you enjoy my collection of cute gifts. I wish I could get them for you all!

My Life in Instagram

Twee Valley High Instagram // BUST magazine

The photos date back a few months, but these are some of my favorites. These two are from a photo shoot I had with BUST for this month's issue. I'll post a few outtakes from that day sometime soon! The rest are from a variety of times and places. Lots of good hair days, terrible weather and adorable Tallulah.

Twee Valley High Instagram
I don't think I shared these last two on the blog! I went to a screening and Q&A for Jason Schwartzman's new film, Listen Up Philip. The film was great and the best part was that he introduced a Rushmore screening right after. Actually, no the best part was when he recognized me after about 10 years. Insanity! I met him when I was 17 and gave him a mix CD at a Shopgirl premiere in Texas. I was such a smitten weirdo.

Twee Valley High Instagram // Jason Schwartzman

Be My Valentine: Chris Pratt

Twee Valley High // Be My Valentine: Chris Pratt
It was 3am when I started this post. I got the odd urge to create a list of Chris Pratt appreciation. My go-to crush has always been Jason Schwartzman or Lee Pace, but these days I find myself crushing on the one and only Andy Dwyer...I mean Chris Pratt. 

Here are the 5 (or 6) reasons why. 

1. He's a bonafide movie star. We all love him as Andy, but check out the photo above. He cleans up quite nice. 

2. He's adorably close to Captain America and seems like a genuinely nice person. 

3. He and his wife are stupid cute. Anna Faris is an equally awesome comedic catch.

Twee Valley High // Be My Valentine: Chris Pratt

4. His character Andy can literally say the dumbest things in the world and still be hilarious and endearing. Obviously he plays off Aubrey Plaza really well. Check out these quotes below. 

Twee Valley High // Be My Valentine: Chris Pratt
Twee Valley High // Be My Valentine: Chris Pratt
Twee Valley High // Be My Valentine: Chris Pratt
Twee Valley High // Be My Valentine: Chris Pratt
Twee Valley High // Be My Valentine: Chris Pratt
Twee Valley High // Be My Valentine: Chris Pratt
5. He can do drama a la Zero Dark Thirty. (Yeah yeah, serious stuff.)

(6). He makes faces like these.

Twee Valley High // Be My Valentine: Chris Pratt
Twee Valley High // Be My Valentine: Chris Pratt
Twee Valley High // Be My Valentine: Chris Pratt
Twee Valley High // Be My Valentine: Chris Pratt
The End.

Happy Parks and Rec Tuesday..only so many left!