It's Adopt a Senior Month: See When Tallulah Met Marnie the Dog!

These photos are from early summer, but they're super appropriate considering November is Adopt-a-Senior month! Both Tallulah and Marnie are seniors who were found in a shelter. Thankfully they were rescued by those who shower them with love.

I am a definite advocate of senior pups. Not only are they the chillest dogs around, but you get a sense of their personality a lot sooner. 

Also in these photos is my friend Rachel's new puppy, Violet. Tallulah was being a bit territorial, but Violet and Marnie got along wonderfully! Enjoy these amazing photos. It was pretty much a dream being surrounded by tiny dogs in my apartment.


  1. Tallulah's face with the scarf on her head - holy cow, so cute! Puppy play days are the best. Love your flippy do with the tangerine headband too, you've really got that swinging 60s thing down.

  2. haha thanks! she looks like a lil babooshka