Buffy Week: What I Wore To Sunnydale High

In honor of October, I declare this "Joss Whedon Week" at Twee Valley High! Today's post and this week's Links I Love will have a general Whedon theme, primarily Buffy the Vampire Slayer, my favorite show of all time. 

Today's post is a costume of sorts. I bought this Buffy tee at a comic book store in Manhattan. I like the subtle-ness of it, although when worn to work, people ask if this is my high school, which is an expected reaction I suppose. 

Most of these photos are actually from a year ago. I got sick around Halloween and couldn't post that week. I recently wore the same look to a sing-a-long for Dr. Horrible. My lipstick got a berry upgrade and I found a matching scarf. The event was great fun with hilarious skits and attendees in costume. I even had Jason dress up. His name tag said "God." If you can guess the Buffy reference, many points to ya! The picture below is from that night. 

Here are the rest from last year! If I had a "specific costume." I would reference an episode of Season 2 that partly takes place in 1955.

I happened to be dog-sitting that week. 

See outtakes with a wonderful pooch named Dixie.

What I Wore
T-Shirt: Sunnydale High
Skirt: Vintage
Tights: HUE
Scarf: Vintage
Coat: Vintage via Goodwill


  1. Daffny AVintageNerdOctober 13, 2014 at 5:02 PM

    Super super fun! I flipping love that show too! Actually it may be time to rewatch the entire season again heheh I am also hopeful that they make a special film with the cast and continue the story that is in the comics. Swoon! Imagine that? Gahhhhh xox

  2. A fun an playful look. I always enjoy seeing people give their other passions a fashionable twist. My favorite Whedon show is Firefly...

  3. Yes! I support this week of Buffy idea wholeheartedly. That's one of my favorite shows, and Joss Whedon is kind of like god for me.
    You look adorable in you costume. I love that you've incorporated the show in with your personal style, and even found a plausible episode as your inspiration. I usually decide what my costume is sometime after I've put it together, and your explanation is rather more believable than mine tend to be.

  4. Thanks! I used to know the girl on Firefly who played River! We were in ballet together in Texas.

  5. haha I don't have much hope but you never know!!!

  6. Thanks!!! haha well that's basically how I was. I just wore the shirt how I'd wear any tee, but of course I knew the one episode based in the 50's.