Links I Love: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween! Hope you enjoy this week's Links I Love!

Let's start with some adorable Halloween pin-ups. Gotta love the glamour.

Next we have Barbie on Instagram50's Barbie is the cutest!

This tutorial by Keiko Lynn is pretty incredible.

You need to see The Best Costumes From This Year’s Halloween Dog ParadeI regret not going, but Tallulah would've gone nuts. She is so rude to other dogs.

In need of costume inspiration? This Sartorialist post is super cute and spot-on!

8 Urban Legends You Were Right To BelieveSome of these are pretty shudder-worthy, but I always found urban legends extremely interesting.

31 Days of HalloweenI stumbled upon this site and still haven't finished exploring. It's full of fascinating, morbid tales. Some are pretty gruesome so read at your own risk.

I'm loving the costumes this season therefore I'm loving this interview with Jade Brandt: Awesome Artist & Seamstress For American Horror Story.

Omg I'm getting nightmares from this tutorial for American Horror Story: Asylum.

The ladies of xoVain keep going with scary accuracy. Here is Alle as Marilyn Manson. She really captured that stare!

On a lighter note, I did a blog post for work on how to dress like a stylish witch. I like the way it came out. Some of our dresses happen to be very witchy!

If you haven't already, don't forget to check out my article for Refinery 29! 

The 13 Witchiest Pop Culture Witches To Put A Spell On You

I must be witch obsessed this year!

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