Links I Love: Buffy Edition



Let's look at an adorable picture of their first Comic Con instead.

I love cheesy humor and these definitely made me chuckle.

Yep, that's Ashanti and Amy Adams.

I somehow needed all three of these links. Some are different!

Cool stunt gifs

I somehow ended up watching this whole thing. They are a charismatic bunch! I especially liked this response from J. August Richards. 

Ha! This is clever fun.

This is adorable and funny. 
David Boreanaz references Angel in the most endearing way.

Not sure I agree, but I'm glad the argument exists.

This post literally make me choke up as I kept scrolling. Nope, no other show is better.

Btw, this is what Xander and Anya look like these days. <3

I'll end this post with the most ridiculous photo I could find.

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