Buffy Week: That Time I Met My Hero, Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon
Meeting celebrities is kind of weird. It's like this short moment as you vie for their attention and try to convey your admiration. I don't fan-girl very often (is that a verb?), but the day I met Joss Whedon, I couldn't contain my excitement. 

I met him at a Q&A for Much Ado About Nothing. The theatre had a small, but eager audience excited to be there. The film was sweet and enjoyable; it was great seeing many Whedon actors all in one project. It's based in the modern day, but is literally all Shakespeare so I did miss the Whedon wit.

It was a short Q&A and I racked my brain for a question, something that hadn't been asked. I raised my hand for the last one of the night and asked, "If there was one question you wish people would ask, what would it be?" haha Such a non-question! He was actually stumped. He thought about it for a while and said he'd "have to get back to me on that one." 

I brought along my dvd booklet in case I could get something signed. I had it ready in hand as the official whoever whisked him backstage. They let about four or five of us back, basically the nerds who had bum-rushed the stage. I was sitting front row because I'm cool like that and I got my autograph! An autograph seems old-fashioned in this day and age and I love that. I think he mentioned something about me stumping him with that question, but it all went pretty fast.

They say never meet your heroes, but all went well and he was a very nice gent. Surprisingly he's the only one from Buffy I've ever met. Hopefully this will be remedied! I'd love to meet a cast member or two! 

Just the other day, a former Buffy writer tweeted at me in reference to Once Upon a Time. Another fan-girl moment!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Joss Whedon
(P.S. My mom is my real hero!)

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