A Spooky Story From a Real-Life Officer


This is a true story from my mom, who is a police officer in San Antonio, Texas. She's been an officer for over 20 years and this night shook her to the core.

"In the 1990's, I worked in the Missing Persons department. The office was open 24 hrs so it was not uncommon to work a double shift. This meant I was on the job from 2:00PM to 6:00AM.  One night, during the late shift, we heard a sudden cry. "Ayúdenme! Ayúdenme!"someone yelled, "Help Me! Help Me!" The Spanish words grew louder and we went to investigate who needed our help.  We searched high and low, outside and in the basement. There was no one to be seen. 

The second night, we heard the same cry. This time, another officer was with us. He told me he'd heard the cry several nights in a row. He too had searched the grounds, looking for this desperate man. Since then, other detectives have spoken of the man in distress. 

The building has since been demolished. Heaven knows if that poor soul will ever rest. Was it a Mexican soldier or a tortured prisoner? All I know is that the poor soul was suffering. He wanted and needed help, but we were too late."

Photo below: There's my lil mama on the bottom left-hand corner striking a pose.


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