Links I Love: Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween! Hope you enjoy this week's Links I Love!

Let's start with some adorable Halloween pin-ups. Gotta love the glamour.

Next we have Barbie on Instagram50's Barbie is the cutest!

This tutorial by Keiko Lynn is pretty incredible.

You need to see The Best Costumes From This Year’s Halloween Dog ParadeI regret not going, but Tallulah would've gone nuts. She is so rude to other dogs.

In need of costume inspiration? This Sartorialist post is super cute and spot-on!

8 Urban Legends You Were Right To BelieveSome of these are pretty shudder-worthy, but I always found urban legends extremely interesting.

31 Days of HalloweenI stumbled upon this site and still haven't finished exploring. It's full of fascinating, morbid tales. Some are pretty gruesome so read at your own risk.

I'm loving the costumes this season therefore I'm loving this interview with Jade Brandt: Awesome Artist & Seamstress For American Horror Story.

Omg I'm getting nightmares from this tutorial for American Horror Story: Asylum.

The ladies of xoVain keep going with scary accuracy. Here is Alle as Marilyn Manson. She really captured that stare!

On a lighter note, I did a blog post for work on how to dress like a stylish witch. I like the way it came out. Some of our dresses happen to be very witchy!

If you haven't already, don't forget to check out my article for Refinery 29! 

The 13 Witchiest Pop Culture Witches To Put A Spell On You

I must be witch obsessed this year!

A Spooky Story From a Real-Life Officer


This is a true story from my mom, who is a police officer in San Antonio, Texas. She's been an officer for over 20 years and this night shook her to the core.

"In the 1990's, I worked in the Missing Persons department. The office was open 24 hrs so it was not uncommon to work a double shift. This meant I was on the job from 2:00PM to 6:00AM.  One night, during the late shift, we heard a sudden cry. "Ayúdenme! Ayúdenme!"someone yelled, "Help Me! Help Me!" The Spanish words grew louder and we went to investigate who needed our help.  We searched high and low, outside and in the basement. There was no one to be seen. 

The second night, we heard the same cry. This time, another officer was with us. He told me he'd heard the cry several nights in a row. He too had searched the grounds, looking for this desperate man. Since then, other detectives have spoken of the man in distress. 

The building has since been demolished. Heaven knows if that poor soul will ever rest. Was it a Mexican soldier or a tortured prisoner? All I know is that the poor soul was suffering. He wanted and needed help, but we were too late."

Photo below: There's my lil mama on the bottom left-hand corner striking a pose.


What I Wore to Carve Pumpkins!

Although fall is my favorite season, it may surprise you to know that I've never carved a pumpkin! Jason and I gave it a go and, let me tell you, it's harder than it looks. We had a good time drinking apple cider and carving some really simple shapes. I threw on my pumpkin-colored dress for an impromptu photo shoot. What became of the pumpkins post-carving? They made a delicious snack for the squirrels in Jason's backyard!

The man behind the camera..

Beauty Review: Chrome Girl by David Boreanaz (yes, of Buffy & Angel)

Back to your regular scheduled prgramming..sort of! I was sent some nail polish a while back that was actually designed by Angel's David Boreanaz and his wife, Jaime. They were worried about their kid biting her nails and ingesting all kinds of weird nail chemicals. They made these 4-free, which means it's produced without formaldehyde, DBP, toluene or camphor. I'm not sure what that means exactly, but I'm all for less chemicals. Pink and red are classic, but I'm really obsessed with the gold. It has a pretty matte sheen and seems to stay on the longest. It's a nice holiday color and the prices are not bad. Best of all, I love being able to say, "Guess who designed this?!"

Links I Love: Buffy Edition



Let's look at an adorable picture of their first Comic Con instead.

I love cheesy humor and these definitely made me chuckle.

Yep, that's Ashanti and Amy Adams.

I somehow needed all three of these links. Some are different!

Cool stunt gifs

I somehow ended up watching this whole thing. They are a charismatic bunch! I especially liked this response from J. August Richards. 

Ha! This is clever fun.

This is adorable and funny. 
David Boreanaz references Angel in the most endearing way.

Not sure I agree, but I'm glad the argument exists.

This post literally make me choke up as I kept scrolling. Nope, no other show is better.

Btw, this is what Xander and Anya look like these days. <3

I'll end this post with the most ridiculous photo I could find.

Buffy Week: That Time I Met My Hero, Joss Whedon

Joss Whedon
Meeting celebrities is kind of weird. It's like this short moment as you vie for their attention and try to convey your admiration. I don't fan-girl very often (is that a verb?), but the day I met Joss Whedon, I couldn't contain my excitement. 

I met him at a Q&A for Much Ado About Nothing. The theatre had a small, but eager audience excited to be there. The film was sweet and enjoyable; it was great seeing many Whedon actors all in one project. It's based in the modern day, but is literally all Shakespeare so I did miss the Whedon wit.

It was a short Q&A and I racked my brain for a question, something that hadn't been asked. I raised my hand for the last one of the night and asked, "If there was one question you wish people would ask, what would it be?" haha Such a non-question! He was actually stumped. He thought about it for a while and said he'd "have to get back to me on that one." 

I brought along my dvd booklet in case I could get something signed. I had it ready in hand as the official whoever whisked him backstage. They let about four or five of us back, basically the nerds who had bum-rushed the stage. I was sitting front row because I'm cool like that and I got my autograph! An autograph seems old-fashioned in this day and age and I love that. I think he mentioned something about me stumping him with that question, but it all went pretty fast.

They say never meet your heroes, but all went well and he was a very nice gent. Surprisingly he's the only one from Buffy I've ever met. Hopefully this will be remedied! I'd love to meet a cast member or two! 

Just the other day, a former Buffy writer tweeted at me in reference to Once Upon a Time. Another fan-girl moment!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Joss Whedon
(P.S. My mom is my real hero!)

Buffy Week: What I Wore To Sunnydale High

In honor of October, I declare this "Joss Whedon Week" at Twee Valley High! Today's post and this week's Links I Love will have a general Whedon theme, primarily Buffy the Vampire Slayer, my favorite show of all time. 

Today's post is a costume of sorts. I bought this Buffy tee at a comic book store in Manhattan. I like the subtle-ness of it, although when worn to work, people ask if this is my high school, which is an expected reaction I suppose. 

Most of these photos are actually from a year ago. I got sick around Halloween and couldn't post that week. I recently wore the same look to a sing-a-long for Dr. Horrible. My lipstick got a berry upgrade and I found a matching scarf. The event was great fun with hilarious skits and attendees in costume. I even had Jason dress up. His name tag said "God." If you can guess the Buffy reference, many points to ya! The picture below is from that night. 

Here are the rest from last year! If I had a "specific costume." I would reference an episode of Season 2 that partly takes place in 1955.

I happened to be dog-sitting that week. 

See outtakes with a wonderful pooch named Dixie.

What I Wore
T-Shirt: Sunnydale High
Skirt: Vintage
Tights: HUE
Scarf: Vintage
Coat: Vintage via Goodwill