Photo Diary: Brimfield Antique Fair

I shared a short summery of my trip to Brimfield, but I hope you're ready for more visuals! I finally got around to editing my massive collection of photos and there are some really fun shots. This pancake candle is one of the best things I got. It looks so real and smells deliciously like maple.

My boyfriend's last night is Hood!

More crazy candles!


  1. OH MY GAWD those martini glasses with the faces on them! I would have bought those in a heartbeat if I saw them. I got some mugs with faces on them though ;)

  2. haha they are pretty amazing. I think they were like $15 each though, more than I was willing to pay but they were so cute.

  3. I was sososo close to buying that poodle bag, but the strap was super weird and it was $40. I ended up with the pastel pink Marc Jacobs for $25 though at the same vendor! It's amazing, my mom and I are planning to head back next May!

  4. So many kooky and cool items. Oh, how I want to browse the dresses though!