Photo Diary: Brimfield Antique Fair

I shared a short summery of my trip to Brimfield, but I hope you're ready for more visuals! I finally got around to editing my massive collection of photos and there are some really fun shots. This pancake candle is one of the best things I got. It looks so real and smells deliciously like maple.

My boyfriend's last night is Hood!

More crazy candles!

BUST's Primped Event + DIY Flower Crowns

This post is super duper late (probably like by half a year) but I'm happy to say that this BUST event was quite a hit! My flower-crown making booth was especially popular and it was neat seeing everyone walk around with their very own hand-made crown. Here are some of the best photos from that day.

What I Wore to the Brooklyn Flea

Twee Valley High: What I Wore to Brooklyn Flea
I'm obsessed with this print. The dress was was a gift from my lovely mom on her last visit. We got this at Opening Ceremony where I was surprised to find something that fit, much less fit me so well. To be fair, it's technically a medium, which makes me think it's supposed to be crazy baggy, but whatever, it's cute, I love it and super comfy. I forgot to check the tag for the designer name, but if anyone is curious, I can add it in later. 

Twee Valley High: What I Wore to Brooklyn Flea

What I Wore
Dress: Opening Ceremony
Purse: Yours Clothing
Sunglasses: Modcloth
Shoes: H&M
Jewelry: Vintage