Photo Diary: A Farmer's Market in Williamsburg

My objective this year is to take a lot more photos, especially everyday events and things I find noteworthy. Hopefully this "photo diary" can become a regular thing. Here's a short trip to a farmer's market in Williamsburg after a morning of brunch at Five Leaves. I had literally run out of cash or I probably would've left with armfuls of flowers.


  1. I love photos of large numbers of similar things. I realize that I sound like a simpleton when I say things like that, but they're always so visually interesting while simultaneously being really soothing. And also, I want to eat all of the radishes, because they are delicious.
    I love that photo of you with the skyline in the background. It just looks like such a classic New York moment, so awesome.

    1. Great comment! I do love photos of bunches of colorful things. Thanks! It was def a quick, captured moment. I'm not a huge fan of non posed photos but Jason caught a good one.