Drugstore Steals and MAC "Dupes."

MAC's "Girl About Town" and Covergirl's "Spellbound"
I'm all about MAC lipstick so if I find a similar color and texture as my favorites for half the price, then that's cause for celebration. I found this graphic and followed it to a cool beauty blogThe blog has multiple "dupe lists" in alphabetical order! I thought you guys might appreciate this as much as I do. 

They left off my ultimate MAC "dupe," which is Covergirl's Spellbound. It's $6.74 compared to the similar Girl About Town, $16. Spellbound stains your lips, which is nice in terms of lasting color, but it's also pretty drying. The MAC version is kind of drying as well though so it's really no better or worse. I have a bit of MAC left and a few Covergirls I've picked up. I seriously use them interchangeably and can't even tell the difference. Go forth to your local drug store!

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