Sneak Peek!

Twee Valley High at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

Here is a sneak peek of what I wore to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on a recent blogger adventure. I can't wait to share all the photos! Thank goodness it's a 3-day weekend.

Links I Love

Blogger meetup at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens
[Here is a quick snapshot of a recent blogger meetup. Many more pictures to come!]

I hope you enjoy the links this week. I promise, more fashion in the near future!

At 18, Tavi Gevinson Is a Fashion Veteran—and a Broadway Rookie
There's basically nothing this girl can't do. 

I think Bogart seems like a creeper but you can't deny they had a special love. 

It's interesting to see who and how a celebrity death can affect someone. For me, Princess Diana, Cory Monteith and Robin Williams all hit a certain sadness. Diana meant a lot to me in childhood and hers was the first death I was really aware of. Cory Monteith seems like an odd choice but I watched Glee from the beginning and watched his character grow. Knowing that character was also gone felt like a loss somehow. His relationship with Lea Michele on screen and off just made it all the more sad. I couldn't watch the show after "The Quaterback," which I literally bawled over. Robin Williams was mostly a sad shock since he made so many people so happy. The whole world was and is still grieving.

This is amazing and brave, a great post Jennine!

Scathingly Brillant // It's Okay to Fail
This was also a brave post, especially from someone who seems so successful from afar.

On a lighter note...

Check out this Flower Power photo shoot starring the cutest pitbulls you ever did see. You can buy the prints to support rescue organizations.

The cutest pitbulls ever dressed in flower crowns.

9 Unexpected Reasons You Should Never Trash Banana Peels
Interesting enough, I had no clue about many of these.

GIRL TALK: On Being the Black Girl at Rockabilly Events This is such an important perspective. I definitely don't see enough women of color at pin-up events.

Swing the Day Away // We Need a Bra Revolution I'm literally so confused about bras. Even when I'm fitted, sizes are different across brands.

Pushing Daisies nostalgia

I wrote a similar article for BUST in 2011. It's still relevent and not much has changed. As BUST's Laurie Henzel said (literally earlier today on Facebook), "Our entire brand was based on this concept, and everyone's just figuring it out now." womp womp..come on, world.

"For the “Ruby Sparks” press, I wore a Hello Kitty Band-Aid because I had hurt my elbow doing a scene. So I bought these Band-aids to make myself feel better and I got criticism for it! I felt like, Who are you to tell me what my feminism means to me? Just because I wear a skirt doesn’t mean that I am inviting rape and just because I wear a Band-Aid that has a cartoon character on it doesn’t mean that I’m infantilizing myself."

I'm a little in love with this girl and I've never even seen her movies. I love that she created a film that set out to subvert the idea of "manic pixie dream girl." I so need to see Ruby Sparks and What If.

Taylor Swift Reveals She Has Been A Feminist All This Time

Yay! I once wrote 75% of an article called "Why loving Taylor Swift goes against my feminist ideals." After 75%, I realized it was bullshit. I would've gotten paid $100 but I stopped believing what I was writing so I'm now happy to hear of her "feminist awakening."

HelloGiggles // When the Internet Steals Your Words (and How to Get Them Back) Important Stuff. "This quote has been passed around the Internet for years as something our founder, Zooey Deschanel once said. It actually came from one of our brilliant writers, Amelia Olson. These beautiful words are completely hers."

I Talked to Strangers for a Week, and It Did Not Go Well

I enjoyed reading about her experiment. Sometimes people are more open, depending on the time of day. Personally I like small talk on the train. I once made a new friend talking about the designer who printed my tote! As long as they're not creepy, it's all good. 

xo Interview // Claire Talks to Belle and Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch About His New Film "God Help the Girl" This week, I had the pleasure of hearing Stuart Murdoch speak about his new film (in a non-interview capacity). I love that this interview covers a lot of similar things he said. The film opens September 5th!

An interview at the Apple store to discuss God Help the Girl, Stuart's new film.

19 Delicious Reasons To Visit Quebec I miss Montreal.

34 Moments That Show Why Eric Northman Is The Only Thing We’ll Miss From “True Blood” The series finale was super underwhelming...not Dexter bad, but pretty meh. Just know, we'll always have Eric. <3

Interview Insider: How to Get Hired at BuzzFeed 
I like that this seems like the "real" inside scoop.

10 Ruls of Business You Should Follow and Why 
Seemingly simple, but makes perfect sense.

Happy National Dog Day! Read About My Adoption Process..

Today is National Dog Day, a perfectly appropriate time to share my story of adoption. I adopted Tallulah around late May and she's become an amazing part of my life. It warms my heart when she greets me at the door or snuggles under the covers. 

A while back, I house-sat my friend's adorable pup. Since then, I had "the fever," aka a total one-track mind. It was painful to hang with other dogs as I pined for one of my own. After getting my own place, I knew I wanted to adopt so I started researching rescues. I'm friendly with many animal advocates (including Debbie, Editor-in-Chief  of BUST). She, along with several Facebook friends, helped me navigate the process. 

Initially I wanted to go through a shelter, which I felt was a cheaper direct source. It's a $50 fee versus the $200-$400 of a rescue. It felt nearly impossible as every dog I liked was picked up or unfit for a beginner home. I had a dog as a child, but I couldn't consciously say I had more than house-sitting experience. I took the trek to both ACC shelters, but it was looking like a rescue was my best bet. My initially frugal nature was starting to wane as I got ready to pay up. I want to note that I know and appreciate why the fees are there, but dogs in general are costly and I was trying to save upfront. 

I was interested in a tiny yorkie at the ACC. They told me we were unfit for each other since she exhibited food aggression and I was a beginner. Another dog I looked at was an adorably happy guy named Turbo. He had a huge benign tumor, but his smile was amazing. He ended up being a bit big for my studio space, but thankfully he's since found a loving home. 

I started going to dogs fairs, but they were usually pushing puppies. I knew I wanted a senior who could chill while I was at work. I contacted numerous rescues on Petfinder and applied with quite a few. The whole process was incredibly frustrating with long applications, some that needed up to 6 references and then no response. I followed up with many, but never heard back.

One of the rescues I contacted was Rescuzilla and I can't say enough good things about them. They are a small rescue and seem super hands on with every adoption. They always got back to me very fast and spent a quality amount of time on the phone answering questions I might have. My boyfriend and I rented a zipcar and took a trip to meet Matilda. She was adorable, a total "Wishbone" dog, but also very bonded to her foster family. It didn't feel right, though I kept convincing myself otherwise. Thankfully, she too has since been adopted

People kept telling me that I would "just know" and I did. The day I picked up Tallulah, I knew within 5 minutes that I would keep her. Tallulah (formerly Chucci) was dropped off at the ACC and picked up by Social Tees Rescue within the same afternoon. They quickly added her to Facebook asking for a foster home that night. I took a chance, knowing that if we didn't click, we'd only be together a week or two. 

Susie's Senior Dogs immediately reposted and the rest of the world fell in love. Luckily, I got to there first! I was smitten and hopeful for a smooth adoption process. I recently had the pleasure of hanging with Susie and her admirable owner. You can check out that post here. It's a combo of cute fashion and doggie goodness.

At this point, I had two pending adoptions within the Social Tees rescue. They checked with my landlord and within two weeks Tallulah was officially mine. Did I mention she was free?! As part of this AMAZING charity, called Maddie's Dayall adoption fees were waived It happens once a year and I was in the right place at the right time.

And...we lived happily ever after. I'm still Facebook friends with many of the rescues and it's tough to see so many dogs in need. If you plan to adopt, I urge you to go the rescue route. Although it was a frustrating process, the pros definitely outweigh the cons and each rescue is different. Thank you to all of those who helped me with advice or an open ear. I seriously appreciate it.

For all the dog owners out there, I hear amazing things about BarkBox. I contacted them about a coupon to share on this special dog day. Type "TALLULAH" for 10% off any BarkBox plan! [No longer available]

Photo Diary: A Farmer's Market in Williamsburg

My objective this year is to take a lot more photos, especially everyday events and things I find noteworthy. Hopefully this "photo diary" can become a regular thing. Here's a short trip to a farmer's market in Williamsburg after a morning of brunch at Five Leaves. I had literally run out of cash or I probably would've left with armfuls of flowers.

On a Serious Note...

Aladdin says goodbye to the Genie in Aladdin aka Robin Williams.

It took a little while to process the past few weeks and then a sudden wave of sadness washed over me. With everything going on in the world, Jason and I asked ourselves, "Why is there so much hate?" It's a rhetorical question of course, one that no one can answer. There just is.

It doesn't help that we're bombarded with images and information, some of it misinformed with a crowd of negative commentary. I recently came across this article, "What All This Bad News Is Doing to Us," and it resonated with me because I realized how hard it is to retain optimism after a day of social media fueled news. At the same time, it feels selfish to even wonder that when so many hardships are at hand.

The article states that "In addition to a burgeoning sense of helplessness, cognitive shortcuts triggered by the news can lead us to gradually see the world as a darker and darker place, chipping away at certain optimistic tendencies."

From the details of Robin William's death to the sad, personal stories coming from Humans of New York to the coverage of Ferguson...the world seems fragmented in so many ways. The other day, Jason asked me if I thought there was always this much hate and I said, "Of course! Look at Nazis..it's always been around, but social media has amplified it on a larger scale." We call the negativity trolling and say, "Don't feed the trolls," but it's part of a bigger picture as humanity.

So I guess I just wanted to say...try and be a little nicer to the people around you and on the internet. It's the small things that make a difference in someone's life and hopefully the idea of optimism can stay alive in the world.

I want to believe in magic, in optimism, happiness, humanity and Fleetwood Mac. In that order. Currently listening to "Songbird" and it's making me cry and have weird American Horror Story flashbacks.

My Top 10 Hidden Looks

Twee Valley High Instagram

There are so many favorite looks that don't make it on the blog, but sometimes I snap a sneaky selfie right before work. These are my top "hidden looks" that appeared "exclusively" on Instagram. This top one is probably my favorite. Best hair day ever. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for fun, day-to-day content like my newest photos from Rockaway beach!

Twee Valley High Instagram
Twee Valley High Instagram
Twee Valley High Instagram
Twee Valley High Instagram
Twee Valley High Instagram
Twee Valley High Instagram
Twee Valley High Instagram

Inspiration of the Week: Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, I searched Netflix for something to watch...

I found a new obsession in, you guessed it, Once Upon a Time. It awoke a new passion for fairy tales. Since starting this post, I finished the show, gobbled up a few fairy tale books and now sit here, eagerly anticipating Season 4, which arrives September 28. 

While the show has its faults and inherent cheesiness, I find it absolutely delightful. I love the liberties they take combining classic tales with whatever stories they feel like (Frankenstein? O-k). I admit, I prefer darkness in my fairy tales a la Pans Labyrinth and A Little Princess, but this show definitely has its moments. 

Enjoy the fruits of my fairy tale obsession from fashion to home decor. 

(Why is she in a bird's nest...?)

Spoiler alert: I'm sad they quickly killed off my new TV crush. I'll have to watch him in 50 Shades of Grey now...which should be interesting.

Prince Charming is like the least charming character, but it's adorable that he and "Snow" are together in real life. Can't beat that co-star story. Has anyone else noticed that red leather jackets are like code for hero? Both Once Upon a Time and Guardians of the Galaxy make a big deal of it. I also remember Buffy donning one at some point.

Apparently there are quite a few Disney Designer Collaborations. Here are a few fairy tale items I'm digging these days. H&M has a bunch of cute stuff. I picked up the middle set of boxes and the pastel pink bookend.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

Olympia Le Tan Disney Clutches

These clutches are beyond dreamy.

Book T-Shirts from Litographs

These are super cute. I might have to get one! They also have totes, which are equally adorable. It's hard to choose just one though.

1 // 2 // 3

Red Valentino Fall 2014

I can't get enough of Red Valentino. Everything they make is amazing. Apparently every collection is based off a story.

I was alerted to this gorgeous Beauty and the Beast dress via Soubrette Brunette's awesome Friday Favorites post. The stain-glass pattern is so pretty. Belle was always my favorite as a kid, she spoke to the book worm in me. I might be digging Mulan more these days. 

On a weird fashion note..I was totally coveting this dress until I saw it was a straight up knock-off of the Red Valentino from the top of this entry. I'm not even going to link to the site because it's kind of depressing how blatant it is. There's not even any small changes like other knockoff brands. Come on.

I was hoping to get my act together on the use of affiliate links but I'm still figuring out all the whats-its. It'd be nice to make some blog dollars since my energies have gone here rather than bigger websites. Thank you to my new sponsers and friends, you guys are sincerely appreciated. Also a big thanks to anyone who comments. It seriously makes my day! xo

Links I Love

[I have no idea where I took this, but it's adorable.]

20 Signs You’re Succeeding In Life Even If You Don’t Feel You Are

I know this has been passed around some, but it provides such good perspective.

How to Answer Your Most Confusing Emails

If you've ever been confused on how to word something, this article is super helpful.

Don't Even Think About Getting A Pedi Before Reading This

The possibility of unsanitary pedicures is definitely a fear of mine, but these tips help and I shall spread the word, to the annoyance of my mother who gets her nails done weekly. 

Yay Powder Doom! There's nothing I love more than drugstore recommendations.

This "movement" is frightening on so many levels. Jennine of The Coveted goes more in depth on why.

I like how this guy zeroed in on the word gaslighting.

Omg this is what comic book dreams are made of.

I love this interview with Gabi and Nicolette!

Awesome ways to save via social media.

Too many people forget.

I love the different perspectives and recommendations!

This is pretty incredible!

It's really surprising how few people knows about CoCo Chanel's Nazi connections. She was a strong, barrier-breaking woman, but..Nazis..it doesn't get much worse than that. It leads into that whole debate of "loving art that terrible people created." What's your opinion on that? Phil Spector was a murderer, but he produced some of the best girl group hits of all time...then there's Woody Allen..hm..either way, these two articles shed some light on her anti-semitic past.

On a lighter note..

I love this movie so much. It combines my love of fairy tales with my New York sensibilities. Stay tuned for an epic fairy tale post next week!

The ultimate in bag porn. Good to know not all designers are cutting corners.

This is so cute! I might have to give it a try next time I come across some paper dolls.

I always thought she was around a size 8 in today's standard, but turns out she was more like a size 2! She might have been a 6-8 in the sizing back then.

Gorgeous shots of gorgeous ladies

Drugstore Steals and MAC "Dupes."

MAC's "Girl About Town" and Covergirl's "Spellbound"
I'm all about MAC lipstick so if I find a similar color and texture as my favorites for half the price, then that's cause for celebration. I found this graphic and followed it to a cool beauty blogThe blog has multiple "dupe lists" in alphabetical order! I thought you guys might appreciate this as much as I do. 

They left off my ultimate MAC "dupe," which is Covergirl's Spellbound. It's $6.74 compared to the similar Girl About Town, $16. Spellbound stains your lips, which is nice in terms of lasting color, but it's also pretty drying. The MAC version is kind of drying as well though so it's really no better or worse. I have a bit of MAC left and a few Covergirls I've picked up. I seriously use them interchangeably and can't even tell the difference. Go forth to your local drug store!

What I Wore To Brooklyn Flea

I wore this blue mod look for a Saturday spent wandering Brooklyn Flea and an evening of grilling in Jason's backyard. This "shirt" is actually a dress. Admittedly, it got a bit tight in the midsection, but I threw a skirt on top and was good to go. Obviously I love food and it's catching up to me lately. Jason and I started the series Ballet Beautiful to try and get into shape. I used to do ballet as a kid and Jason likes it because the woman instructs in a calm, soothing manner (none of that "Doitdoitdoit!" stuff). Since starting an office job last year, my natural exercise has dwindled. Thankfully I live in New York where going up and down a million stairs is just part of my day.

I love this happy blurry picture. 

What I Wore
Dress: Vintage
Skirt: Vintage
Earrings: Vintage
Scarf: Vintahe
Belt: Thrifted
Bag: Pan Am Marc Jacobs (Similar: Modcloth)
Broach: Vintage via Antiques Garage (RIP)