The Jazz-Age Lawn Party 2014!

Here are the best of my street style and party pics from this year's Jazz-Age Lawn PartyI had an amazing time. It's such a memorable event!

I even bumped into Lynn Yaeger, who was inspiration for a BUST photo shoot based on a street style photo I took! I also have this cool animated gif a friend made of the two of us chatting at fashion week.

Don't forget, there's one more event next month. Have fun if you plan to attend and let me know what you decide to wear!


  1. Oh, this event looks like such fun and so many creative looks from people.

  2. this event looks like OODLES of fun!!! My goodness, why can't every weekend look like this?!


  3. Wow what fun! I wish I was in the city for this. Great photos too <3

  4. Over on this coast, in San Francisco, we have the Edwardian Ball, which is less historical and more hysterical. Google it for fascinating photos!