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TweeValleyHigh: Kristina and Tallulah

I think this is really important to point out considering how often the phrase is thrown around. Not every quirky girl is a "manic pixie dream girl." 

This brings up a lot of interesting points. I briefly interned in music PR, which is probably a whole other beast.

Buzzfeed // An Ode to Old Dogs

Since getting a dog, I am drawn to animal articles, especially this one about senior dogs, since Tallulah is technically "senior." 

Buzzfeed // Two Ingredient DIY Tries

This is as complicated as things need to be.

Mashable // Common Tourist Scams

This is really frightening since there are so many, but it seems like pretty useful info!

I'm not even a big Harry Potter fan, but he just seems like such a nice, smart fellow!

I think the only one I'm guilty of is the razor..I must remedy that!

I love this list since any one of these small things can turn someone's day around.

I love that makeup was considered essential for the war effort.

Marie Claire // Best Websites For Women

This is a great list, I have many of these already bookmarked. Marie Claire was really on top of things this week. I don't usually save so many of their articles.

Mashable // Inspiring Comedian Quotes

Great advice Kristen Wiig!

Kristen Wiig

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