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Kristina Uriegas does nautical chic!

Happy Friday! Are you ready for today's links? I'm particularly excited because I found many of them in the past week, which means I still have a long list to pull from. I hope you enjoy these while you take an internet break from work!

Something to remember in a city like this...

Seriously amazing article. I love when this guy writes for xoVain. I feel like I really learned something!

This is too cute!

I found this interesting, but sad timing that the article came out around the same time they fired 70 employees...I don't see a job opening up in the near future..

Veronica Lake's biography and sad story.

I was surprised at this sad, fascinating story about such a legendary beauty.

I cried my eyes out...made Jason look through it..and cried some more. PMS might have been at play, but it's still a great list!

I have yet to download this app, but it sounds amazing. Plus I use their last app quite often. It's definitely worth the 99 cents. The team at a Beautiful Mess seem totally unstoppable!

God Help the Girl was directed by Stuart Murdoch and comes to theaters September 5th.
After so many years, knowing Stuart Murdoch was creating something special, I feel a sense of pride at his film finally being done. It looks like a combination of Moonrise Kingdom, The Virgin Suicides and, of course, a Belle and Sebastian video. I can't wait to see his director debut. September 5th can't come soon enough!

Stuart Murdoch directs God Help the Girl.

I don't even watch SNL, but for some reason, this stuck a chord. It goes to show that your big break might not be what you think and there's no reason you won't move on to bigger and better things.

Mood Indigo by Michel Gondry stars Romain Duris and Audrey Tautou

I can't wait to see this!! It combines so many things I love...Audrey Tautou, french films and whimsical  elements. This may be Gondry's most whimsical film yet!

Anyhoo, hope everyone has a great weekend! xo

Twee Valley High's Kristina Uriegas does nautical chic!


  1. I just found your blog and I LOVE it! I never heard anything about the film God Help The Girl so I went to look at the trailer and I'm in love! Can't wait until it's release!