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You GUYZ, I have so many links saved, it's pretty crazy. There is just an insane amount of links that added up in my save/share pile. I also have "wishlist" and "buy" piles, but that's for another day. I don't want to overwhelm you so here are a few starter links. I'm thinking I'll start posting these every Friday. 

BUST Magazine // This is What a Feminist Fashion and Beauty Fair Looks Like

My own pictures to come...someday. It was such a great event!

Tom and Lorenzo // Vintage Mad Men Ads

I'm late to game with these, but they're still pretty neat.

Buzzfeed // Money Saving Tips Every Makeup Addict Need to Know

Too many to remember, but so many helpful tips!

Refinery 29 // 8 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Friends Than People

Yes,  sometimes I feel this.

Buzzfeed // 25 Inspiring Pictures Of Dogs Before And After Their Rescue

Heart-breaking and heart-warming!

Retro Rover // Popular Dog Breeds in America By Decade-1930s

Ok, this is my last dog link! My heart goes out to pit-bulls and their decrease in popularity. They are apparently quite a sweet breed.

Huffington Post // 12 Things We Learned From Mindy Kaling This Year

This is so accurate! I must go re-read her book now.

HelloGiggles // Fictional Characters Who Love Food as Much as We Do

I love all these characters as much as I love food. =)

The Lingerie Addict // The Real Cost of Cheap Lingerie: Why Who Made Your Intimates Matters

My friend Quinne wrote this awesome article, important stuff!

Vogue // #IWokeUpLikeThis: Dita Von Teese Reveals the Strategies Behind Her Morning Routine

The #IWokeUpLikeThis hashtag is kind of annoying, but she doesn't really claim that in the article anyway. She seems much less high-maintenance than we might think.

Shout-out to the woman who sold me this awesome mid-century table a while back. I found out she wrote this amazing children's book, Stuck with the Blooz. She gave me a copy and it's really adorable.

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  1. I seriously love TLo. I have this dream that they will adopt me as their niece and I'll never leave the house looking less than fabulous ever again.
    And pitbulls really are awesome dogs. I used to have one, and I'm so happy that my downstair's neighbors have one that I can play with whenever I want.

    1. Loooove them! They are the sweetest guys too. I'm met them twice at fashion week. The first time, we gossiped about Project Runway, the second time, they gave me a free copy of their book!