Fourth of July

I spent my holiday leisurely sleeping and getting ready for a Rockabilly event while watching World War Z on Netflix. I'm weirdly into zombies lately. The last two movies I watched, before Netflix pulled them, was Evil Dead 2 (AMAZING) and Resident Evil (MEH). Both Resident Evil and WWZ had dogs briefly in them. The moment a dog pops up on screen, Tallulah jumps off my lamp and starts barking, looking around somewhat confused. The Resident Evil dogs were huge zombie dogs so she went especially nuts. 

We had a little bonding time before I went out and Jason captured these adorable moments. I'm super happy with the way these photos turned out!

If you're wondering how I mastered the art of bumper bangs, then head here!

Silly faces and cuddles!

The event I attended was early, which I truly appreciate, so it left time for Jason and I to grab some "champagne" and head to my roof for the last half of the Fourth of July fireworks.


  1. Agreed, you are the cutest.

    xox Sammi

  2. The dog and the bangs and a heart and the polka dots - adorbs. (And I hate you for making me use that word. Seriously, putting the blame firmly on you for that one.)
    I also went to a rockabilly party on the 4th. My boyfriend commented that it's like one of the high holy days for rockabilly folks.

  3. You look incredible. Such a cute dress and great hair <3

  4. You look so pretty! Love how you styled your hair and did your make-up.I really need to learn how to do better things with my hair.
    And I have this dress in blue!


    1. Thanks! I love this dress, it's so universally falttering. I have a similar one in purple. xo