The No-Lipstick Challenge

Ok the title is kind of deceiving. I'm not actually doing a "challenge" or experiment. What I have been doing is wearing a lot more clear lipgloss. This was my mainstay in high school, but over time I grew very fond of bright, matte lipstick, especially red and pinks from MAC . 

Embarrassingly enough, my lips have been massively chapped lately, even the skin above my lip has somehow gotten irritated and flaky (gross!). I decided to give my lips a break from long-lasting, drying lipsticks. MAC Ruby Woo is amazing, but definitely dries out my lips. MAC's "Girl About Town" is more moisturizing, but the CoverGirl knockoff "Spellbound" definitely contributed to my dry-lip issues.  I wanted to give my lips a break, but I'm so not a "just lip balm" kind of girl. 

I recently bought Ellen Tracy lipgloss from TJ Maxx that, to the naked eye, looked hot pink. I was surprised to find it was basically clear, but I didn't hate. I've actually been wearing it a lot! It feels moisturizing but stays glossy. I also feel slightly French with done-up cat-eyes and a nude gloss. It's a look I'll definitely keep in my arsenal.


  1. I love the look on you. You do look very French, like you should be popping up next to Bardot grabbing a baguette or something. Those glitter sunglasses are to die for, btw.