Mad Men's Last Season

Everyone caught up on this season? It started out annoying, but is getting more and more intriguing. My issue is that Don Draper is kind of the worst. He pretty much never changes and, when it comes to Draper, the story repeats itself continually. I'm also not loving the fashion of this era. Megan Draper is rocking cute, psychedelic minis and awesome big hair, but Peggy is hit or miss (ugh pantsuits!) and the dudes are getting hairier. 

Anyhoo, these photos are lovely and I'm still in awe of the magical moment between Don and Peggy last week. The season was way too depressing until then. I'm bummed we have to wait so long for the next half of the season, but I'm glad they're headed in a "not everything is horrible" direction. Anyone else still rooting for Joan and Roger?

This moment absolutely killed me. I re-watched it three times, crying happy tears for their rekindled friendship.


  1. lovely post :) I really enjoy reading your blog! haha keep in touch x Peach


  2. I'm late to this party, but I *just* found your blog and also happened to recently catch up on Mad Men--I have to say, OH MY STARS YES that moment with Peggy and Don. I was so, SO happy.

    Also? I am probably way in the minority on this.. but I'm shipping Peggy and Pete just a little bit. I felt like there was some chemistry there between them (when Pete isn't being a total jerkwad). I hope he gets his stuff together and then goes after Peggy.

    1. Yeah I'm sort of into Peggy and Pete as well, but I highly doubt anything will happen. I feel like their storyline came full circle when she told him how she gave up his baby.