Happy Mother's Day!

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Not a day goes by in NYC that I don't miss my mama. She's one of a kind in so many ways. I wish we could have some fantastic brunch alongside my amazing grandma, loving aunt and fantastic godmother. Alas we are far apart, but I'm grateful to have so many amazing ladies to think of on this special day. Thankfully, next month my mom be visiting and we'll go see Diana Ross! What a dream! 

These are two of my favorite pictures of her. The makeup and hair are totally enviable in the photo above; 80's glamour at its best. She's a pro at blending eye shadow. 

I hope you all have an amazing day with your moms and don't forget to say Happy Mother's Day to the rest of the mothers in your life!


  1. Oh, your mama sounds like a gorgeous and vibrant lady!

    1. Thanks! I miss her so much, but I got to "FaceTime" with the whole family this morning which was awesome.