Life Updates and Rambles

My life has been a whirlwind of emotions and blogging endeavors have fallen by the wayside. I rarely post about my personal life, but I wanted to get real for a bit, whether that means life updates or ramble-y thought sentences. 

First, the good news! I recently moved into my own studio apartment, a space that I'm incredibly excited about. I can't wait to decorate! I bought pink pastel paint and some retro looking wall decals. Here's a photo of how the place is coming along. 

*The instagram frame is via the app A Beautiful Mess

I got new glasses! They make my face feel so very fancy. 

I turned 26...four months ago! I just realized that my birthday past by without nary a post. Hopefully once I have my apartment in order, I can throw a  proper housewarming/super duper late birthday party. These are the cupcakes Jason bought me from my favorite place in Brooklyn-Brooklyn Babycakes. They are delish!

I spent a long holiday in Texas. Although it's been a while, I just wanted to acknowledge how much fun I had while I was there. I already miss my family and best friend. It's a good thing my mom will be here in March and my best friend in May. I can't wait!

NYC weather has been kind of ridiculous, but Jason and I are rolling with it. We even went sledding with my friend Dakota!

Now for the rambles....

Right before the new year, I began to feel like I was letting myself down. I'm constantly making promises to myself and to the few people who have kept up with my internet presence (btw I want to be irl friends with all of you). I blog here because I love sharing my life and my style. Same goes for xoJANE and BUST, who I have a genuine love and respect for. I also enjoy getting feedback by reaching a larger audience. This can be a double-edge sword, as feedback is not always "good." Of course, I've learned to toughen up in the face of internet trolls or general disagreements.

The internet is a fickle place and I can't help but get anxious balancing my day-job and my life as a blogger. I genuinely love my small audience here at Twee Valley High and that motivates me to improve the blog in so many ways! 

Besides small web tweaks, there is a ridiculous amount content I want to create, but I end up getting side-tracked by the little things in life. If I let it, the idea of not enough time will continue to stress me out. I want to build a brand, but I know that takes time and continuity. I might challenge myself in the next few months to try and follow a real blog schedule. I'm such a perfectionist though, it's hard to that keep that up without losing sleep. Either way, something has to change and I'm up for the challenge! I look forward to this (relatively) new year and to creating more content. Nothing beats the feeling of putting quality work out into the world.

How do you guys deal with "not enough time" stress? 


  1. I really loved this post, my friend. I am always impressed with how much you manage to balance! If I were still living in New York and were juggling as many things as you do, I'd be in a FAR worse place as far as finding the time for all the things I want to accomplish. I'm also a perfectionist to a fault, so I completely understand how you feel. Just don't beat yourself up too much! I want to start using a blogging calendar so I can stick more to deadlines and plan out exactly what I want for content. Also, just thought of this, but if you ever find the time, I'd love to have you do a guest post/interview type thing for my blog :) :)

    xox Sammi

  2. Aw thanks! That's issue though, I'm not sure if I'm balancing. I can't imagine how people have kids! I do want to get a dog though and I'll just have to make time. It's pretty crazy. I work 45+ random overtime hours with a 2 hour combined commute every day. That's so much time in my life and then I want to contribute here, xoJane, and BUST, along with new places I have yet to pitch to, like The Frisky! Plus I want to start my own online store and potential business, but that's put on the back-burner. There's needed unwinding time plus socializing with boyfriend and friends..ahh no wonder I get stressed. haha I'm managing it ok though, mostly about prioritizing. I just get impatient.

    I'd love to do a guest post or interview, I would def make time for that! =) Although it might take a while once we decide what to do. I did a interview for Zero Style and I felt so bad it took forever to get to her.