Inspiration of the Week: Valentine's Day

This has basically been my uniform the past couple of days. It just keeps snowing in NYC, but today is Valentine's Day, one of my favorite holidays. Even when I was single, I loved the combo of pink hearts and a mountain of candy. This weekend, plans include a fancy birthday party and a night in with steak and cake (yum!). I hope you all have a wonderful Valentine's Day and enjoy this bit of Pinterest inspiration. 

Can you tell I'm ready for spring?!
Pandora (above) & Dancers in Pink by Edgar Degas
The Marvelettes
Vogue Germany
This is the only picture I got of this look. It was too cold that day. Crazy dayzz of winter.


  1. You are the most adorable thing in this!!!! And as if you in a cute and twee (in a good way) winter hat isn't enough then that fun montage of pink photos :)

    I am loving your blog. Just loving it!

  2. Aww thanks!! Yay I'm so glad. That helps motivate me to blog more. I might be doing a whole redesign soon and that will be the kick I need.