Beauty Review: FACEFACTS By Lori

I was recently sent some beauty products from a company called FACEFACTS BY Lori. It's a company that specializes in hand-crafted, all natural and certified organic ingredients, specifically for lip products. I love my lip sticks so I was excited to test them out! All natural has become a new priority for me, especially lip products since I basically end up eating them by the end of the day. These specific lipsticks by FACEFACTS are awesome because, among other things,  there's no animal testing, no certified dyes and lakes, no mineral oil, no petolatum, no lead and they're 100% parabens free. All important stuff to avoid! Aesthetically, I really like how creamy and pigmented the colors are and enjoy the pretty packaging. My only complaint might be that the colors don't necessarily look the same on as they do in the tube, but it's actually a big plus because, once on my lips, the colors were ten times more vibrant! I especially loved the Passion Fruit which is the perfect fall color for my skintone. Scroll down for the three shades I tested, along with their accompanying lip liner. 

Lip pencils: Plum and Hazelnut
Passion Fruit lipstick with Plum lip liner
Bronze Shimmer lipstick with Hazelnut lip liner
Plum Brandy lipstick with Plum lip liner
Oh yes, and the soap smelled lovely!