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It's been a few weeks now, but I recently had the pleasure of attending the launch for xoJane's new beauty site, xoVain. The event was super neat and I got to meet one of my magazine heros, creator of Sassy, JANE Magazine, XOJane and now xoVain, the one and only Jane Pratt! There were adorable mini treats and fabulous beauty recommentions from all thier beauty editors. I was also happy to see my Canadian friend Hannah who comes to NYC every chance she gets! Be sure and check out the new site!

Here's a book from my childhood that I randomly came across. 

I shortly worked at a consignment shop in the East Village called Eleven Consignment. I've since started working as a social media producer for a dress company, but as far as retail goes, I quite enjoyed working at Eleven Consigment. They have some really great items btw like these gorgeous shoes. 

The buttons are daisies!
I had to get something from this MAC collection!
Thanks to Millie for the new bow-tie!

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