Mad Men's Swinging Sixties Style

Sweet and Sassy Peggy Olson

The year is 1968. Mad Men season 6 begins tonight and in honor of that, here are a few photos that show off this season's swinging style. The late 60's are not necessarily my favorite time period only because they have such hippie connotations, but that's really only one part of the era's amazing style. While I'm sure Don will come across some fringe-wearing hippies, for now, I'm happy to see each of the Mad Men ladies dressed to perfection in mod silhouettes, pretty prints and lady-like ruffles. I would wear every single one of their gorgeous looks! 

The men look dapper as usual. There are a few small wardrobe changes, but they're obviously not as prominant. For AMAZING in-depth costume analysis and general episode reviews, be sure and check out Tom and Lorenzo's blog! I promise, you will not be dissapointed.

Always Polished Joan Harris
Swinging 60's Megan Draper 
Ever-Polished Betty Francis
Dapper Don Drapper
Silver Fox Roger Sterling
Slimy Pete Campbell (aka Connor from ANGEL!)

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