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This week, there were quite a few links I loved! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. 

1. Small Girls PR recently posted 29 Ways To Stay Creative.

2. 6 Fresh Juice Recipes from A Beautiful Mess
I've been juicing it up lately and need to try these recipes!

3. This Rookie editorial, The Royal Party, is totally dreamy. 

4. 30 Adorable Puppy Gifs. YOU'RE WELCOME.

6. Alison Brie Versus the Internet 
Watching Alison Brie imitate Grumpy Cat and Goosebumps Girl is totally priceless. 

7. Audrey Hepburn's Roman Street Style
These photos are simply gorgeous. Hepburn was beyond chic!

8. A helpful explanation of what each kind of curling iron does! 

9. My girl, Jasmin of Vintage Vandalizm, recently did an awesome segment for FOX News on "Adding Retro Flair to Your Wardrobe." Check it out!

10. I'm not one for jewels, but even I'm drooling over Tiffany and Co's phenomenal Great Gasby-inspired collection.

11. Rachel Antonoff for The Coveteur

12. This adorable instagram of the cast of Criminal Minds with Nicholas Brendon aka Xander from Buffy who is now on the show. I also love me some Matthew Grey Gubler who is apparently really good at making silly faces!

13. YES! Finally an explanation on what all these BB, AA and CC creams are! I've gotten hooked on BB Cream thanks to Hannah at xoVain, but I still wasn't sure what it did!

14. Fabulous couture photos from Rita Ora for Elle Magazine. 

15. Why Fashion Bloggers Need Feminism by Jennine Jacob

For all those switching over from Google Reader before July 1st, you can now 

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