What I Wore to Brunch

These photos are from a couple weeks ago when a few friends and I went to Brooklyn Star for delicious delicious brunch (two-word emphasis!). If you haven't been there, they have the best 'melt in your mouth' biscuits I have ever had in my entire life, not to mention amazing chicken fried steak (I'm making myself hungry just typing this..). Apparently chicken fried steak is called "country fried steak" here in NYC and I had a weird time explaining that it was the same thing when I kept saying the wrong word.

My friend Dakota looked perfectly adorable in her 1960's attire and posed with me in front of this colorful sails mural. I wore my hat from our adventures at Another Man's Treasure and an Anthropologie dress that has served me well for many occasions. I love that it's actually really similar to a dress Elizabeth Moss/Peggy wears in some of the Mad Men promos

What I Wore:
Dress: Anthropologie
Sweater: Vintage
Hat: Vintage via Another Man's Treasure
Necklace: Forever 21
Tights: Hue
Shoes: H&M

Links I Love

This week, there were quite a few links I loved! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. 

1. Small Girls PR recently posted 29 Ways To Stay Creative.

2. 6 Fresh Juice Recipes from A Beautiful Mess
I've been juicing it up lately and need to try these recipes!

3. This Rookie editorial, The Royal Party, is totally dreamy. 

4. 30 Adorable Puppy Gifs. YOU'RE WELCOME.

6. Alison Brie Versus the Internet 
Watching Alison Brie imitate Grumpy Cat and Goosebumps Girl is totally priceless. 

7. Audrey Hepburn's Roman Street Style
These photos are simply gorgeous. Hepburn was beyond chic!

8. A helpful explanation of what each kind of curling iron does! 

9. My girl, Jasmin of Vintage Vandalizm, recently did an awesome segment for FOX News on "Adding Retro Flair to Your Wardrobe." Check it out!

10. I'm not one for jewels, but even I'm drooling over Tiffany and Co's phenomenal Great Gasby-inspired collection.

11. Rachel Antonoff for The Coveteur

12. This adorable instagram of the cast of Criminal Minds with Nicholas Brendon aka Xander from Buffy who is now on the show. I also love me some Matthew Grey Gubler who is apparently really good at making silly faces!

13. YES! Finally an explanation on what all these BB, AA and CC creams are! I've gotten hooked on BB Cream thanks to Hannah at xoVain, but I still wasn't sure what it did!

14. Fabulous couture photos from Rita Ora for Elle Magazine. 

15. Why Fashion Bloggers Need Feminism by Jennine Jacob

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Editorial Love: Baller Ina for CoCo Magazine

I recently assisted my friend, Jaclyn, in styling this dreamy photo shoot for Coco Magazine. The photos, by Natalie Kucken, are seriously gorgeous and I was super excited to see the end result. If you enjoy Lula or the The Virgin Suicides aesthetic, keep scrolling for a mountain of loveliness! 

An editorial for Coco Magazine
Photography by Natalie Kucken
Styling by Jaclyn Bethany
Hair and makeup by Ellen Guhin
Location is Mark Morris
Models are Melise @ Muse, Ira @ Muse, Caitlin @ Muse, Avery @ Next, Kasia @ Major, Jessica @ Women
[Photos Via Natalie Kucken's Blog]

Inspiration of the Week: "All At Once, One Day, It's Spring"

In my social media research for one of the designers of NewYorkDress (the company I currently blog for), I came across the tumblr for designer Lela Rose. It's a new tumblr and although they start off relatively boring, it's recently become quite a nice curation of pretty images. Here are a few that I fell in love with and felt were seasonably-appropriate to share. 

Audrey Hepburn on this month's Vanity Fair. 
This particular photo stuck me for some reason. Audrey just looks so quaint and classic. 
It's a perfect snapshot moment. 
She's obviously always been glamerous, but I'm gaining a recent fascination with Elizabeth Taylor and her roller coaster life. She was quite a woman!

My Life in Instagram: Another Man's Treasure

Here is my instagram follow-up from my time at Another Man's Treasure and a sneak peak at some of the items in their amazing showroom. 

I bought this broach above and am in LOVE with this tapestry bag!

Shop Showcase: Another Man's Treasure

My friend Dakota recently told me about a fabulous vintage shop in Jersey City. I'd only ever driven through Jersey so I was excited to make the trek out there. Turns out, it wasn't much of a trek! Jersey was pretty much just a hop, skip away from Brooklyn. People were incredibly friendly and I kept asking myself if we were actually in the South. 

We shortly arrived at our destination: Another Man's Treasure. The shop was fantastic, perfectly detailed with racks and racks of lovely clothes, and the owner and sales assistant were beyond friendly. The highlight of the trip had to be when the owner drove us down the street to her showroom to show us the real treasures. It was a like a small museum of fantastical  vintage and felt like such a privilege to see. Overall, we had an amazing time and it was certainly an outing I won't soon forget!

 While I was looking around, I found this incredible purse.
 It matched my dress SO perfectly!
 I have a slight obsession with fancy nighties. 
 Dreamy pastel jewelry
 I ended up buying this hat and am wearing it as we speak. 
I love the very Joan-esque ensemble from the girl who worked there!
Dakota modeling a Schiaparelli hat. 
Another Man's Treasure // 353 Grove Street  Jersey City  NJ  O73O2
2O1 86O 999O // mail@amtvintage.com // hours : Mon - Sat 11-8 Sun 11-6

Links I Love

I decided to start a new feature appropriately titled "Links I Love" since I constantly come across amazing things via inter-web.  I also created a new page for blog links and a page for online shops if you're looking for recommendations. The pages are still a work in progress, but currently, you can check them out for favorite bloggers of the moment and the few places I shop online. 

For now, enjoy my favorite links this week!

1. Scathingly Brillant is currently dressing as her favorite Disney princesses and, of course, putting her own adorable spin on it. Her Snow White look is absolutely charming!

2. RookieMag's Twee Playlist: Couldn't have dont it better myself.

3. If I still lived in Texas, this website would be very useful. 

4. I want to be friends with all of these adorable vintage ladies

5. The most dapper man I have ever seen (who is not Carey Grant). 

6. Goddess Winona Ryder: 25 Years of Red Carpet Looks

7. Interview with illustrator Caitlin Shearer via Style is Style. 
I loooove Shearer's work and actually just featured her on NewYorkDress' blog as well.

8. The clothes of Vivetta are purely and utterly amazing. 

9. The 22 Stages of Your High School Reunion told through Romy and Michele Gifs. Priceless!

10. The Top 20 Most Beautiful Living Spaces will make you insanely jealous. 

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Mad Men's Swinging Sixties Style

Sweet and Sassy Peggy Olson

The year is 1968. Mad Men season 6 begins tonight and in honor of that, here are a few photos that show off this season's swinging style. The late 60's are not necessarily my favorite time period only because they have such hippie connotations, but that's really only one part of the era's amazing style. While I'm sure Don will come across some fringe-wearing hippies, for now, I'm happy to see each of the Mad Men ladies dressed to perfection in mod silhouettes, pretty prints and lady-like ruffles. I would wear every single one of their gorgeous looks! 

The men look dapper as usual. There are a few small wardrobe changes, but they're obviously not as prominant. For AMAZING in-depth costume analysis and general episode reviews, be sure and check out Tom and Lorenzo's blog! I promise, you will not be dissapointed.

Always Polished Joan Harris
Swinging 60's Megan Draper 
Ever-Polished Betty Francis
Dapper Don Drapper
Silver Fox Roger Sterling
Slimy Pete Campbell (aka Connor from ANGEL!)