What I Wore For The Holidays

I hope you are having the happiest of holidays! I'm currently in Texas, sleeping in and eating a ridiculous amount of Mexican food. It's too hot for sweaters here, but Jason and I took a few photos before I left NYC. I got good use of my cat sweater after a mini-snow storm. Fun Fact: The letterman jacket below is actually mine from high school. I weirdly got it for being in theatre, but forgot to sew a letter on! 

What I Wore:
Sweater: Vintage
Dress: Target
Tights: Hue
Sunglasses: Miu Miu

NYC Locals: Come Shop My Closet!

I'm holding an impromptu apartment sale today, Sunday November 17. Come visit me!

Just email for the address and to let me know what time you plan on stopping by. kuriegasreyes@gmail.com

Belle and Sebastian 2013

It's getting closer to the end of the year and I'm starting to think back to all the amazing things that happened and the places I went. There are a few events that are really close to my heart, but for some reason or another, I didn't share on this blog..until now! Seeing Belle and Sebastian for the fourth time was definitely one of those events. I saw them for the first time when I was eighteen years old, completely new to New York.  My new friend Alix and I ended up hanging out with the band on Fourth of July watching the fireworks, eating falafels and singing Journey while walking around Brooklyn. To this day, it's basically my coolest story. It's been eight years, but they were just as amazing this past year. I'm feeling like a fangirl just thinking back! Here are a few photos from that show. 

What I Wore on the Weekend

What I Wore:
Shoes: Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff
Hat: Vintage via Another Man's Treasure in Jersey City, NJ
Dress: Vintage via Erin Fetherston's sample sale. 
It was apparently from her personal closet, which I thought was neat!

Photographer Jason Hood

Beauty Review: Beauty Without Cruelty

I recently came in contact with Beauty Without Cruelty. I was drawn to their array of colorful lipsticks and, of course, the idea of all-natural beauty. I found out their products are 100% vegetarian and 100% natural. The company was actually founded by an animal welfare organization so you know they're legit. Naturally, their mantra is all in the name. They sent over a few products, one of which will be used in a future xoJane piece, but for now, let me tell you a little about Rosehip and CandyFloss.

Beauty Without Cruelty Lipstick: Rosehip

I've been wearing this color quite often these days. It's more coral-orange than it appears, but it's just pink enough. I'm not a big fan of orange, but coral is right up my alley. It's been a good transitional color from summer into fall.   

Beauty Without Cruelty Nail Polish: CandyFloss

I'm obsessed with this nail color! It's very light with a subtle pink sheen. I'm terrible at painting my nails and this is easy to apply without being "top-coat" boring. I can actually DIY my own manicure with this color. For some reason it also reminds me of a ballerina.