Birthday Shenanigans

Illustration by Jason Hood, inspired by 'fetti

I'm officially 25 and although I feel a quarter-life crisis coming on, my birthday couldn't have been better! My family came to visit and I had the most fantastic birthday week anyone could ask for. From watching The Rockettes and getting fancy hot chocolate at The Plaza to dining at a restaurant recommendation from Grace Coddington and eating out at Brooklyn favorites like The Brooklyn Star and Five Leaves.  I even made a special birthday crown for the occasion! Here I am celebrating with Jason and fancy cupcakes!

Seeing everyone come together made me incredibly thankful to have such an amazing support system. To my family and friends, whether you helped me celebrate in person or in spirit, thank you a million times over. I appreciate you more than you know! An extra big thank you to my mom, who is pretty much the most amazing person I know.  xoxo

On a random side note: Help! After this post and after deleting some photos from The Rebel Waltz, I've officially used up all my google photo space. Is there some secret way to get around this or will I have to pay monthly after all?!

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