Fantasy Fall Wishlist

November is my favorite time of the year, from pumpkin-spice everything to the gluttony of Thanksgiving and, of course, my birthday! When it comes to the holiday season, I love buying presents for others (and for myself!), so I thought I'd put together a collection of some of my favorite items of the moment, many from adorable Etsy shops I recommend exploring. Hopefully they can give you ideas for Christmas shopping to come!

My first items are these fanciful, handmade pastel oxfords. All the pastels are completely covetable, but I'm really digging the pink ones. I haven't found replacement pink shoes since my sad saddle shoe days. The lavender are definitely a close second though. Best of all, they are seriously well-priced for handmade leather shoes! 

Above: Handmade Pink Pony Leather Oxford Flats, $49, by Goldenponies
Rabbit Tote by Fill it With Diamonds, $40, by Fillwithdiamonds
How cute is this rabbit tote?!
Cat-Eye Polaroid Sunglasses, $99.74
Polaroid makes sunglasses?! Yep! Who knew?
Photo by Jasmin of Vintage Vandalizm

Recommended by Vixen Vintage, these petticoats look oh so soft. All my petticoats are the itchy, scrunchy kind and this one seems so luxurious. I was a little confused which inch length I'd use the most though.
I am officially obsessed with illustrations by Caitlin Shearer. Her style is fantastically twee, girly and adorable. Here are some of my favorites...Chocolate Milkshake , Print, $15
Tea Party, Print, $15
This would fit right into my home!
 Sunday Stroll Silk Scarf, $50
I have a similar style scarf of pretty ladies or I would've convinced myself to buy this long ago.
This Biscuits Dress is probably my favorite item of the Caitlin Shearer bunch. I got really excited when I thought it came in my size and then realized Australian sizes are completely different/smaller than U.S. sizes. Ooh well.. seriously, how cute is it though?
Issue 15 of Lula Magazine
I have yet to snag this issue!
How amazing does this book sound? Perfect for my new tea obsession!

Bass shoes galore! 
I'm constantly in love with every Bass/Bass Loves Rachel Antonoff shoe that appears, but I curse myself for not getting these polka dot saddle shoes when I could!

These two lovelies are still available though!

Picasso Cats Scarf by leahgoren, $96
Cat tote by Cat Vs. Human, $20
It's a cat..in a bowtie! What's not to love?

LMC Nebula Skirt by ShadowplayNYC, $138
This is such amazing fabric. 
Of course it reminds me of my friend Nacho's fantastic galaxy photos.

Galaxy Scarf by ShadowplayNYC, $85
Cat pillow by Jessicaleighjones, $15
Ok..i know..I like cat stuff way too much..the odd thing is that I'm a dog person!
Bow Tie by flappergirl, $18
I love girl scout style, I really do.
This too is one of those things I wish came in my size, but it's ballet chic none the less. Anyone have any suggestions where to find a plus-size tulle skirt?
Vintage Slingback Open-toe Ferragamos from vintagegogirl, $62
I love Ferragamo sling-backs! They are oddly more comfortable than the regular heel. 
I hear that I need to own these volumes. 
Oh Bill. Even during Sandy, there you were
Lastly, I just realized these Keds I'm into are totally men's shoes. No fair!

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