NYC Resilience and Canadian Inspiration

The past few days have been rough for resilient New Yorkers. While I've been lucky enough to stay out of harm's way in Bed-Stuy, many New Yorker's are still dealing with the crazy aftermath, some of which you can see here and here. To help out, you can donate or even volunteerBUST.com also has various ways you can help!

For all Sandy updates be sure and check out NYC.gov or the NYTimes.com. I've also been following twitter handles such as @NYCMayorsOffice, @nycgov, @NYMag, @MikeBloomberg, @Gothamist, and @MTAInsider. I don't think i've ever been on twitter this much in my life, but it's been very informative. 

Today I finally did something besides eat Oreos and watch Buffy. I created a distraction post of the last few photos from my Canada trip. Here are some of my favorites. I'm really excited to share them with you! 
These photos were taken with Jason's camera, but they transferred onto his computer incorrectly. I'm oddly into them...
Much love to all my friends here in NYC and please stay safe! 
P.S. Happy Halloween! xo

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