What I Wore As My Last Summer Look

While Fall is my favorite season, I do love the pastels and patterns of spring and summer. I recently stumbled upon this sweet gingham jumper and assumed it would either be too small or super unflattering..I'm just not a jumper kind of girl...but as I snapped each button perfectly in place, I felt ready to take on the last few days of summer. It didn't hurt that the accessories in my closet went so perfectly with it, especially the pillbox hat! I'm going to go out on a limb and say it might be my favorite summer look of the year. I only wish I had worn it more before it got a bit chilly, but I'm thinking..gray cardigan, tights, and some oxfords to "Fall" it up a bit?

What I Wore:
Purse: Thrifted
Shoes: Topshop
Broach: Vintage
Hat: Vintage 
Sunglasses: Monk
Jumper: Vintage via Urban Jungle

I'm also excited to announce that these photos are some of the last taken with my old camera (and in my old apartment actually)! While my trusty point and shoot has served me well, I'm gone and gotten a legit Canon Rebel that I'm super excited about. Fancy photos of my vacation/Canadian adventure to follow..


  1. AAaaaah such a perfect outfit!

    xoxo Mama Wolf.

    1. Thanks lovely!

      I wish I was able to do a springy photo shoot or something with it!