My Top 50 Summer To-Do List!

It's July aka officially summer and I want to do lots of summery things!  I recently read two online articles titled "50 Ways To Make This Summer the Best Summer Ever" via The Frisky and "100 Things to Do Instead of Procrastinating on the Internet" via Gala Darling. I decided to culminate my top picks and *add a few of my very own. Here's a list of all the things I want to do in the next couple of months:

1. Have a dinner party & make something delicious*
2. Get a plant..maybe a cactus*
3. Go to Canada*
4. Do tourist things with a date. 
5. Have a stoop sale*
6. Wear a ridiculous sunhat and giant sunglasses to the beach
7. Take an evening walk and be fully present in the moment
8. Never pass up an opportunity to drink sangria.
9. Try something new with your hair
10. Hit up the farmers’ market and fill your house with fresh flowers (and cheese*)
11. Get a manicure of crazy colors*
12. Two words: Roof. Party.
13. Take a road trip, even if it’s just a couple towns over. Make a mix CD of wistful traveling music for the occasion.
14. Make boozy popsicles.
15. Check out some new music. 
16. Have an outdoor makeout session
17. Start making collages again*
18. Make a Flower Crown
19. Bring a blanket and a stack of magazines to the park.
20. Have a picnic dinner at sunset.
21. Use a disposnible camera in one day, get it developed*
22. Make friends with someone who has a boat. 
23. Do karaoke
24. Rip a lobster limb from limb.
25. Hang out with someone's dog*
26. Have your friends over for fancy cocktails and vintage boardgames (UNO!*)
27. Go to the zoo. 
28. Take a beginner's yoga class*
29. Draw pictures of the people I care about*
30. Go to the movies by myself
32. Lay under the stars with your best friend. Discuss the meaning of life.
33. Eat at all these restaurants.*
34. Give more compliments*
35. Write a letter to someone. Decorate the envelope.
36. Watch the sun rise.
37. Have a picnic in Fort Greene park. I don't go there enough!*
38. Start writing hilarious memoir instead of telling everyone what the title would be*
39. Create another mini-film with my friends*
40. Go to an outdoor movie viewing*
41. Make more smoothies*
42. Dance more!*
43. Dress up, go listen to jazz*
44. Go to the transit museum.*
45. Make more mix cds.*
46. Find an amazing new apartment.*
47. Start watching Buffy again.*
48. Take a day trip to Fire Island.*
49. Cross the Brooklyn Bridge (I never have!)*
50. Open a bottle of champagne and make a toast to your life, exactly the way it is.

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