My Life in Instagram (Shopping Edition!)

One of my favorite places for cheap vintage has got to be No Relation. They've got a chain of stores off the L train and seriously no other shops in Manhattan or Brooklyn can match their prices. Every time I go in, I end up torturing myself trying not to buy more than one or two dresses at a time. On this particular day, I decided to document all my favorites. I only walked out with two, but trying to decide was pretty tough! 

This first dress was perfect in so many ways..it made me feel like Marlo Thomas in That Girl, but alas its perfection did not extend to size and it was just a tad too big. I hid it in the back racks though so maybe someday I'll go back for it and get it altered..some day..

Surprisingly this is the dress I initially went back for, but after trying it on again, I definitely felt lackluster about the color. I love yellow, but I think this particular shade washed me out a bit. It would have also needed shoulder alterations so I left it behind. 

This dress fit me perfectly. The cut and length was all around amazing and so good for summer, but the color just seemed sort of drab so I stayed strong and left it behind. 

The Winners:

This floral print was so eye catching and figure-hugging that I knew it was my favorite! It's the dress I'm wearing today! 

The other winner was this fantastically colorful frock, which was also covered in florals, but in a more modern kind of way. Although the dress above was the most flattering, this dress is definitely one of my more unique pieces

For a mere $7 I also nabbed my new favorite nightgown, which matched my fuchsia lipstick! I feel very Betty Draper in this pink nightie. 

The photo at the top is from Monk Vintage

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