What I Wore To Brooklyn Flea

I just started a new job working weekends so I decided to make the most of my last weekend..and spend my days at the deliciously tempting Brooklyn Flea. Saturdays are full of food vendors so I spent the day eating an array of deliciousness (including a chocopop I tried desperately not to spill-and was successful!). Sunday was spent brunching and shopping around the market. 

My last "What I Wore" entry documented what was probably the last chilly weather look for a while..so it's only appropriate to post what I consider the last spring-time look. As weather gets hotter by the minute, I slowly count the days to our next transitional season..

What I Wore:
shirt: thrifted
skirt: vintage via no relation
shoes: ferragamos
headband: in god we trust

My friend snapped a picture of me last minute on Sunday so here is my Sunday bunch ensemble. I'm pretty much wearing all my favorite things of the moment! This dress pattern is so cheery, this buttercup of a bag is the most colorful bag I've ever owned, and these ferragamo slingbakcs are the most comfortable fancy shoes I've ever worn. I'm afraid they won't last me the summer!

What I Wore:
dress: vintage via no relation
shoes: ferragamos
belt: thrifted

My Life in Instagram (Vintage Treasure Edition)

I don't normally have a theme to Instagram, aka my new obsession, but I took so many photos over the weeked while perusing Brooklyn Flea, that I thought it'd be nice to pull together all the pretty things I really admired (or bought!) while shopping around. The pink shoes above were truly lust-worthy. Thank goodness they weren't my size since they were a pretty penny. The seller had an abundance of pretty shoes though, take a look below!

I was so close to getting this chair. I just had no idea where I'd put it. 

I bought these white Ferragamos. They're slingbacks! I've already worn them so many times, it was totally worthy the buy. 

I also bought this travel bag with all the different airlines on it. It's smaller than it looks! 

What I Wore To Work

This is probably my last chilly weather look for a while so I'm glad I was able to trod out my transitional, red cape. I felt part school marm and part little red riding hood, but it came together in a fun, fairy tale kind of way. When it comes to my hair, I was inspired by the fluffy ponytail Sarah Jessica Parker sports in a few episodes of Sex and the City so I teased to volumize and and then pinned the sides back. It sort of gave the same effect. It was a totally coincidence that I found this amazing picture of her sportin' the fluffy ponytail in a red cape!

What I Wore:
dress: vintage
tights: hue
bag: h&m

Polaroid Preview!

I gave you an Instagram preview of our mini film to come, but today's post is a collection of colorful polaroids from that day. Overall status: our director is almost done editing and we just got the official go ahead from the band of our song choice. We'll be submitting the finished product to a contest, which if chosen as a finalist, will be screened in Bryant Park! Exciting stuff!

Director Jason Hood of All New York's A Venue

Mallory Blair and Leia Jospe of Small Girls PR, along with stylist, Jen Ng

Hi Internet!

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My Life In Instagram: Special Film Preview!

Today's entry is a preview of a short film a few friends and I are currently putting together. We wanted to create something colorful, fun, and downright twee. It's filmed on a super 8 camera from the '60s and involves cupcakes, picnics, polaroids, and macaroons. It even features a mini montage of looks! I thought I'd share some "behind-the scenes" moments captured via Instagram. 

Our photographer, Leia Jospe, took a massive amount of pictures throughout the day so lookout for more to come within the next few weeks, along with the super 8 film itself! We just decided on a song and are in the editing process as we speak. I'm super excited to see it all come together!

Photos by Instagram peeps: danielkdougherty, leiaj, and yourpalmal. 

What I Wore To Brunch in Greenpoint

On this particular morning, I attempted to create what I call "a lazy look," aka the kind of look you throw on without a care, maybe minimal makeup or subtle accessories, but fast, cute, and only somewhat put together. Somehow this concept was more than I bargained for. I'm a stickler for accessories and with this winter into spring weather and my love for color, I ended up totally over thinking the idea and pretty much abandoning the concept of a "lazy look." 

I mean..when it comes down to it, maybe that's just not me. Maybe I'm doomed to get up earlier than necessary and put the puzzle pieces of my daily look together in exactly the "right order." What I believe to be a "lazy look" comes from the idea of a natural, nonchalant chicness (a la Kate Moss and Charlotte Gainsbourg) that I don't think I'll ever own nor do I necessarily want to..From my wing-tipped eyes and bright fuchsia lips to my fluffy petticoats and pretty patterns, getting dolled up makes me feel like the best possible me and makes every day a fancier one! Fashion has transformative powers and sooner or later, as cheesy as it sounds, those powers become a part of you. 

What I Wore:
dress: target
tights: hue
sweater: vintage
glasses: via monk
necklace and earrings: thrifted

Lift Off!

What I Wore..To Go To Sleep

I mentioned my fabulous new nightie in my previous entry, but I thought I showcase this No Relation find just a tad more. I'm loving it's pretty n' pink details such as the soft, lacy shoulders and the small, satin bow. I feel tickled pink just wearing it! My ballet slippers are also quite comfy and cute to lounge about in. Take a closer look at the pretty details around the collar...

Although I'm more likely to spend money on dresses, I'm becoming a big believer in comfy, yet pretty loungewear. I'm slowly building a collection to feel a bit glamorous even when I sleep with a head full of rag rolls!

My Life in Instagram (Shopping Edition!)

One of my favorite places for cheap vintage has got to be No Relation. They've got a chain of stores off the L train and seriously no other shops in Manhattan or Brooklyn can match their prices. Every time I go in, I end up torturing myself trying not to buy more than one or two dresses at a time. On this particular day, I decided to document all my favorites. I only walked out with two, but trying to decide was pretty tough! 

This first dress was perfect in so many ways..it made me feel like Marlo Thomas in That Girl, but alas its perfection did not extend to size and it was just a tad too big. I hid it in the back racks though so maybe someday I'll go back for it and get it altered..some day..

Surprisingly this is the dress I initially went back for, but after trying it on again, I definitely felt lackluster about the color. I love yellow, but I think this particular shade washed me out a bit. It would have also needed shoulder alterations so I left it behind. 

This dress fit me perfectly. The cut and length was all around amazing and so good for summer, but the color just seemed sort of drab so I stayed strong and left it behind. 

The Winners:

This floral print was so eye catching and figure-hugging that I knew it was my favorite! It's the dress I'm wearing today! 

The other winner was this fantastically colorful frock, which was also covered in florals, but in a more modern kind of way. Although the dress above was the most flattering, this dress is definitely one of my more unique pieces

For a mere $7 I also nabbed my new favorite nightgown, which matched my fuchsia lipstick! I feel very Betty Draper in this pink nightie. 

The photo at the top is from Monk Vintage