What I Wore To See The Hunger Games

Due to it's low kindle price, I spontaneously bought The Hunger Games one day. I didn't realize that I literally would not be putting that thing down for the next week. Since then, it's become this huge phenomenon and I'm kind of excited to be a part of it. I've noticed that people of all ages and tastes are into this film and everyone I know, from my pre-teen cousin to BUST's Creative Director is into the books. There's literally something for everyone. I'm excited the story stars such a kickass heroine and I've loving how all of America is geeking out together. 

Not only are the fans varied, but so is the fashion. From district to capital, there's inspiration to be had. When I finally saw the movie, I decided to dress in theme. Considering it'd be the middle of the day, I wanted to be kind of subtle. I went district, inspired by this pretty blue dress with a touch of red inspired by "the girl on fire." Although I'm more swiss miss than Katnisss in terms of braids, I still think the inspiration comes across...right?

P.S. How fun would it be to go out all Effie-style? She is wearing McQueen..

What I Wore:
dress: vintage
tights: hue
shoes: bass via monk
bag: coach
sunglasses: miu miu

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