Magic Morning Rag Curls!

Almost every girl with straight hair wants curly and vice versa. I usually use a curling iron, but the curls never seem to stay, especially if I want bigger, fuller curls. I use the curling iron to just flip up the ends now. I've heard a lot of nice things about rag curls from Emily of It Girl, Rag Doll and Kater of All This Happiness. It always looks so lovely and soft on them so after watching a few tutorials, including Emily's below, I decided to give it a go!

(I also liked this tutorial by Vixen Vintage). 
First of all, it was harder than it looked! I had some difficulty tucking the ends of my hair in and then I quickly realized I should've cut my strips of fabric a bit longer. Secondly, it was really good advice to not use wet hair when doing this. A lot of other tutorials told me otherwise and, since my hair is so thick, I could anticipate waking up with hair that was still wet. The first time I tried rag curls, I started out wanting to do four on each side, but ended up doing three. These pictures below were the immediate comb through result.
Once tamed a bit, they were the easy, soft curls I've always longed for. 
The next day, I decided to try for a bit more oomph. I added four rolls on each side. The end result was totally big hair and a whole lot of poof, but in the best way possible. I'll admit, I felt a little like a poodle at first, but I do love big hair and it definitely made my every day tresses feel a lot more glamorous. 
When it comes to the rolling process, I still think I could do a better job with the ends of my hair, but overall the result was really exciting. I'm normally a morning shower person, but I'm becoming a night time convert since I discovering this magical curling process. To roll out of bed with perfectly defined waves is a straight-haired girl's dream: it's rag curl magic! 

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