What I Wore To Work

My trusty cat smock!

What I Wore:
tights: hue
shirt: thrifted
scarf: vintage
skirt: second-hand from my moms
cat smock: thrifted via monk

What I Wore To See The Hunger Games

Due to it's low kindle price, I spontaneously bought The Hunger Games one day. I didn't realize that I literally would not be putting that thing down for the next week. Since then, it's become this huge phenomenon and I'm kind of excited to be a part of it. I've noticed that people of all ages and tastes are into this film and everyone I know, from my pre-teen cousin to BUST's Creative Director is into the books. There's literally something for everyone. I'm excited the story stars such a kickass heroine and I've loving how all of America is geeking out together. 

Not only are the fans varied, but so is the fashion. From district to capital, there's inspiration to be had. When I finally saw the movie, I decided to dress in theme. Considering it'd be the middle of the day, I wanted to be kind of subtle. I went district, inspired by this pretty blue dress with a touch of red inspired by "the girl on fire." Although I'm more swiss miss than Katnisss in terms of braids, I still think the inspiration comes across...right?

P.S. How fun would it be to go out all Effie-style? She is wearing McQueen..

What I Wore:
dress: vintage
tights: hue
shoes: bass via monk
bag: coach
sunglasses: miu miu

Food Porn

I haven't done a "Food Porn" entry in a while, so I've gathered up some of my favorite recipes of the moment. A pattern I've noticed: somehow there's always something pumpkin-y in the mix!

Sweetened With Honey: Baked Pumpkin Doughnuts

A Beautiful Mess: Flavored Lemonades 

Testado, Provado, & Aprovado: Apple Pie..in an apple!

Modcloth: Homemade Samoas

How Sweet It Is: Banana Boat Cupcakes

Here's a few savory to mix it up a bit..mmm I'm getting hungry just looking at these..
How Sweet It Is: Garlic Bread Pizza Crust

How Sweet It Is: Pesto Parmesan Scones

Let's get cooking!

What I Wore To A Mad Men Soiree

My friends hosted a party on Sunday for the premiere episode of Season 5's Mad Men and, of course, I had to be there! Everyone dressed appropriately and the food and drinks were totally era-perfect from old-fashioned cocktails to a pineapple upside down cake. I even baked a carrot cake! I wore my sixties flight attendant dress for the occasion. I originally had a more Betty-esque dress in mind, but was glad to channel a bit of Joan. 

What I Wore:
dress: vintage
tights: hue
shoes: ferragamos
broach: vintage via monk
earrings: betsey johnson

Our lovely hosts:

Crazy Mad Men masks..say cheese!

Audrey Grace Pop-Up Shop

Audrey Grace, a boutique based in Jackson, Mississippi, and Small Girls PR have come together to bring NYC some of the cutest designs around in an amzing pop-up shop featuring designers such as Erin Fetherston, Rachel Antonoff, Vivetta, It's Okay My Dear, Orla Kiely, Lauren Moffat, and many more!  The opening night included delicious cake, adorable twee-pop, wonderful vintage, and an obscene amount of  peter-pan-collar dresses. I don't think I could've been more in love with an event. It was the dreamiest of dream parties, despite the fact that the prices were a little out of my budget. It was part shopping heaven and part shopping hell!
To get your hands on some of the amazing goods, just head over to the Highline Loft, 508 West 26th Street, 5th Floor. The pop-up shop will be up and running till March 28th. The hours are 11:00a.m.-8:00p.m. 
For now, I present you with tons of eye candy dresses, event photos, and sassy street style from some of the fabulous attendees.
Let them eat cake!
The band that played, Supercute!, was super super cute! 
Ashley Cheeks of It's Okay My Dear perusing the racks. 
I almost bought this tote.
Hannah of Hannah and Landon 
I also almost bought this dress I'm holding below, but alas my only issue with all these adorable designers are the lack of large sizes. This was technically my size, but was somehow way too small...sad times.
Street Style:
Members of SuperCute!
Ashley Cheeks
Blogger Babes
Some of my favorite things included a perfect sailor dress, leopard trimmed coat, and bright pink rain coat, among an array of princess dresses and sweet spring looks. 
I also tried to capture all the adorable cat stuff since there was so much! These buttons are courtesy of It's Okay My Dear.
This dress is by Leah Goren
My personal favorite was this cat skirt by Vivetta. I'm obsessed! If you can't afford the Vivetta version or if the sizes are just too small, Kate of Scathingly Brillant has a greatD.I.Y. version that's worth checking out!
Go now, shop while you still can! 
[Photo Credits: Small Girls PR]