Cookie Time!

I think I'm obsessed with making sugar cookies..

What I Wore To Go Out

I went to a sort of "50's variety show" that night and all I had to do was hear the word "fifties" before I was totally decked out in saddle shoes and my favorite petticoat. With a bouffant as high as possible..I was ready for a sock hop!

This raincoat makes me feel so chic and grown up. Throw in my Ferragamos (which I wore earlier in the day) and I feel ready to conquer the world!

What I Wore:
dress: vintage via junk
shoes: bass
shoes in third picture: salvatore ferragamos
mini scarf: vintage
pattern scarf: vintage
earrings: vintage via monk
sweater: my moms
raincoat: my moms
tights: hue

Paul and Joe's Spring Makeup Collection Inspired By Cats!

When I first saw this collection by Paul & Joe Beauté, all that came out of my mouth were embarrassingly giddy exclamations of cuteness. I was instantly smitten and I guarantee you will be too. While cat lipsticks have popped up before, we now have an entire collection of cute, kitty-inspired beauty products in honor of the French label's 10th anniversary! There are lipsticks, eye shadows, and nail polishes, each with a design cuter than the next. I don't know if I could bring myself to use the products, they are like tiny works of art, but, either way, they are definitely covetable!
For now, score a few of these cat-astic pieces on ASOS or past cat lipsticks at Urban Outfitters.com.
These lipsticks are cats!..with top hats!!

[Also on BUST.com]

What I Wore to Work

I've been trying to figure out ways to stay warm and spruce up the same ole plain sweaters. For this look I went with a fun, floral skirt (see, it's not just for spring!) instead of my go to black mini. It was fun to switch it up for a change. I definitely need more patterned skirts in my life!

What I Wore:
shirt: american apparel
shoes: salvatore ferragamo heels
tights: hue
skirt: vintage
broach: vintage
sweater: my moms

Top 10 Looks of 2011

I know I'm a little late, but I thought I'd put together a top 10 favorite looks from this past year. They range from holidays and special events to every day looks for work. Take a gander at my top choices (in chronological order):
This is probably one of my favorite sweaters of all time and it just makes the entire look. It has so much character that you can't help but love it! I wore it to fashion week a couple months back and stood out in a sea of little black dresses and high heel stilettos. The bow is just a fun accent that went with the sweater oh so well. 

This has to be my favorite spring look. I wish I had a better picture, but all the important parts of the look are here. When I bought this sweater, I had no idea it would match my pill box hat so well. This outfit somehow makes me feel whimsical and classy at the same time.

This was a simple, sort of French sock hop kind of look that I just really like. It was easy, but put together.

This dress is one of my favorites. It's definitely a stand alone piece. 

Once I bought a petticoat for the first time, I went a little sock hop crazy. I look like a teenager from the 50's, but I kind of dig it. 

I love that this look reminds me so much of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. It made me feel a bit school teacher-esque, but I can't help it if I love a good penny loafer!

This top is actually a dress that's a bit too short, but it's one of my favorites. The collar and fit is so spot on. Really though, this look is all about the petticoat. I was obsessed at this point.

My boss told me I looked so Pan Am in this look...if only she knew what I had in store a couple days later..

I love my Pan Am costume! I only wish I'd gotten to wear it more than once.....Oh who am I kidding? I look like a 60's stewardess at least 60% of the time. 

Last, but not least, is my birthday ensemble. This dress was totally the bees knees and I'm just dying to find some place else to wear it. 

Here's to many more fabulous looks in the new year!

What I Wore To Frolic in Central Park

Best Outtake of the Day:  

hahaha..I literally laugh every time I see this picture. It was my first attempt at throwing leaves in the air...with my hands still inside the arm holes of my cape. yeeeah..

What I Wore:
cape: vintage from beacon's closet
shoes: vintage from the goodwill outlet
earrings: vintage
tights: hue
dog on wheels broach: tatty devine for belle and sebastian

Meet My BFF

This is Jenn. She's hilarious and awesome. When she came to visit me, we had a picnic in Central Park and staged a spontaneous "photo shoot" in a pile of leaves. Mostly it's just me trying in vain to throw leaves in the air (stay tuned!), but I was able to catch a few of Jenn and her fantastic cat vest! 

haha I might've been throwing leaves at her in this picture, but at least you can really see the details of her awesome vest!

Stay tuned for the ridiculousness that is me and a pile of leaves...

What I Wore To New Year's Eve in NYC

I think I've only worn this dress once before, but it's one of those "out on the town" kind of dresses that automatically makes me feel good. I topped it off with an H&M bow, Hue tights, Ferragamo heels, a vintage coat, and Chanel purse. It felt perfectly shiny and chic for a New Year's Eve in NYC!

Happy New Year! xo